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Want The PCH Big Check? Special Early Look Results Are In!

Blog Readers — Lucky Windfall, the PCH Big Check, is so excited about Prize Day now that the Special Early Look results are in that he’s been writing in his diary non-stop.  Take a look at this morning’s message – and comment below to let him know you want to see him on Prize Day!


An excerpt from the diary of Lucky Windfall, The PCH Big Check:

Dear Diary,

It’s late at night and my zeros will not stop shaking because I just found out the Special Early Look results for our October 21st Prize Event!

Danielle called me first.  And there were already beads of ink forming on my pay line with all the anticipation!  Was she going to tell me there’s a $7,000.000 A Week For Life Winner?  Would we be awarding $1,000,000.00?  I had so many questions, but before I could ask even one, we GOT DISCONNECTED!

Then, I called her back, but it was busy… BUSY! My routing numbers were so mixed up with emotion! When I finally got through, she told me there was no matching winning number for $7,000.00 A Week For Life this time, but since PCH loves giving money way we’re still going out on the road to award an incredible $1,000,000.00!


Can you believe it, Diary?!?  There was no match to the winning number but we’re STILL making someone a WINNER!

Oh, I’m just “Over the Vault” with excitement!  And I really like the way I look when I wear all those curvy zeros in the $1,000,000.00 Prize, but I just can’t help wondering… will the winner still want ME?  Will our fans understand that this $1,000,000.00 Prize really is special, and that if we didn’t do a Special Early Look like this, we’d have no winner at all?!?  Really, Diary, I need to ask our fans for a shout out…

Please fans — To help me feel like a million bucks, tell me below how much you want a million bucks!

I hope when we visit our Winner on October 21st, I’ll get hugged and hugged until my corners crinkle… oh Diary, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.  Bye for now – your pal, Lucky!


Now that you know the Special Early Look Results, please tell us, would you be happy to get a $1,000,000.00 prize on October 21st?  Let Lucky, the PCH Big Check, know below – and hopefully you’ll be seeing him soon!

Good Luck,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative


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  1. Solo me queda fe esperanza en dios la bolunta de dios sea para mí gracias PCHFrontpage win passaic New Jersey dios los bendiga PCH superprimio si te bendiga. ?

  2. Dear Lucky, How hovered you must feel to be able to present that big check. OMG if awarded to me, I would feel so blessed and happy. Now, so far at age 75 has never happed, great enough for me to get really really excited. I really do not know how I would act but I for one know, I would be so honored. Please, Please, Luck come my way!!! I know, all us playing want to see you so, we just have to be glad who ever gets it. If it is us, get ready for that kiss I promised u.

  3. Hello Lucky! Well if I had the big check, I’d be beyond happy. Happy for my family and I. I’d cry probably. Tears of relief. I’d probably be anxious. Thoughts running through my head of how I’d help others in need. Just like I was. To calm those nerves. I’d take my family on vacation and while doing that. I’d take pay off debt.

  4. Hi Lucky! I just knew last month I would see you but I never won. This time I’m thinking to myself, well next time is here, so we will see soon. I would love to meet you and get that nice big check! Have a happy trip!

  5. It would make a difference but because I believe in myself and I know I’m out to do wonderful things a million dollars has no reflection on the future I hold. It’s definitely a start at something, I’m somebody of high ambitions and the fact of the matter is, I have nothing. I’ve been dreadfully having bad luck, and misfortune in poverty. You wanna talk about unprecedented events taking place in my life. While you’re looking at him, just a good person that believes in the beauty of everyone. Being in the universe, life has away of allowing you to see things when being deprived. I care less about me. What I like is great things of course, but money isn’t real. I have a heart, I have a soul, I have to ability to move, Activate and be productive. But the thing is, it’s not just me I have little ones that I would love to give something to them more than anything. I drive them in scene by talking about winning this gray fourteen. I’m not talking about the million dollars, I’m talking about the five thousand a week for life. But even further than that An upgrade double triple the prize and mouth I want Howie to say Are you Clad $$$$$$$$ I am I won’t you step on outside because I have something to show you and let me tell you Chad you didn’t just win but you won big. And too see the anticipation on Danielle’s face. Just eager for me to see what I have won. I know it’ll be huge because I feel it. I believe in it and I never gave up my kids, get tired of me talking about it but what they don’t know is it’s for them. I work just to pay bills and there’s a lot of times where we are grocery shopping and I hear, “can I get this” and I feel like the bag. I know put it back I can’t afford it, I don’t have the money To see their little Ego go right out the window. Breaks my heart, I then pull myself back just a reminder. Why no, I can’t give you guys what you want but I love you and one day I promise that. Yes that all be a distant memory, so I’m constantly Encrypt the code to success into my favor. I make sure the prize I seek is the prize I play the most. In every aspect especially when it comes to PCH. You have to be sublimely mindful of a good opportunity the heavy potential, talent, a big windfall. You can’t determine your faith on believing you won, but you can determine faith in believing that one day you will win. I told my son on the arrival with that big check I’m gonna say, “Chad come here, here hold this, make sure you hold it high! Don’t let it weigh you down.” I know in my heart that he is gonna be stuck with unbelief. He has faith in me, that knowing one day what makes something positive happen in our life. I don’t think faith goes as far as belief in that I’m going to win Publishers Clearing House. As a matter of fact times I tell him about certain emails that happened to completely transpire from all the other ones that I came across. He’s just like okay dad, but I wanna be like I told you, that I was going to make it happen and every time I asked you. Do you believe in me? Yeah dad, I do Know it was more of annoying him then the way he set it into believing he was being sincere. So I stopped telling him and now I sit back knowing that the possibility of this coming true could very soon well come sooner than I think. But in order for me to achieve that, I can’t give up no matter if I’m picked on a deadline or not persistence. Has its greatest achievement into working itself out my little girls they mean everything to me. They shouldn’t be that freaking cute but I feel in order for them to be directed down a positive prosperous path, I would have to achieve This goal of abundance. The greatest happiness of all time, but winning money is the first step planning financial security for me and my family for many years to come is my next step. It’s there it’s not there to be irresponsible. Who knows when someone can get a second chance at a great opportunity. Not Exceeding goals, this new wealth that I accept in my life will only cripple the very thing I work hard to manifest in my life and everything I would have worked for to create all this to happen. It will allow me to sleep at peace when my time has come to know I was able to give something of great value to the ones odd dearly most an only if they knew how much this would have to be a sign from up above. Knowing that there dad did everything To give them a better life and for that I will sleep easy. Sorry for such a long message but sometimes you can’t get a point across with just three words.

  6. Yes l claimed PCH GWY no 11000 $7,000.00 a week for life prize no 3788 2913 1519 and hot ignored
    Is that what is hoon to happen on Wednesday for PCH GWY no ,19500 $5,000.00 a week forever prize number {$$$$ $$$$ $$$$} take care
    Bruce W