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Who Is The October 21st SuperPrize Winner? We’ve Got Your Clues Right Here!

We’re so excited, folks! Only hours remain until we award our big October 21st SuperPrize, and we can’t wait to change someone’s life forever! In fact, we’re looking forward to the winning moment so much that this time, we decided to start the clues a bit early! Yes, we’ll be posting clues tonight AND tomorrow, so be sure to follow along for all the latest as the Prize Patrol hits the road to deliver our $1,000,000.00 prize.

*** 5:00 PM, October 20th – FIRST CLUE ***
More than 5 movies have been filmed in the winner’s city.

*** 8:00 PM, October 20th – NEXT CLUE ***
Tourism makes up one of the largest sectors of this state’s economy.

*** 8:00 AM, October 21st – NEXT CLUE ***
The winner’s state produces the majority of the citrus fruit in the United States.

*** 9:15 AM, October 21st – UPDATE ***
Today’s winner lives in Florida!

*** 9:45 AM, October 21st  – NEXT CLUE ***
The winner’s city is home to many past and present sports icons.

***10:15 AM, October 21st  – NEXT CLUE ***
The international shuffleboard organization was founded in the winner’s city.

***11:00 AM, October 21st – WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT ***

Even more sunshine was brought to the Sunshine State today when the Prize Patrol delivered Holly Bloom of St. Petersburg, Florida the $1,000,000.00 Prize! Holly was absolutely stunned at the Prize Patrol’s arrival – but said she already has big plans for her winnings! Holly wants to do some good and donate to a youth program that helps young adults attend college! WOW, what a kind heart Holly has – we’re so excited for her big win!

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Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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