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Words From $1 Million SuperPrize Winner Annette Jenkins

Everyone thinks that Publishers Clearing House just gives away money. But did you know we also give away time? Recent winner Annette Jenkins knows what we mean! She’s someone who worked 3-4 jobs her whole life, so her win of the $1 Million SuperPrize means she can have a whole lot of time back for herself!

In fact, Annette would have gotten her prize a lot sooner, if it weren’t for her industrious nature! The Prize Patrol didn’t find her at home, so they went looking for her at her first job. But she wasn’t working that day, so they had to find out where her second job was located! That’s where she was, and she was completely shocked.

Annette started her day the same as always — she got up and went to work. Things didn’t seem out of the ordinary, and she didn’t say anything felt different at all. But then some coworkers were trying to get her to come outside — it sounded like there was a package for her to receive at the front door. Was it some sort of package that she ordered?  She made her way down, and was greeted by the Prize Patrol bearing the SuperPrize check with her name on it!

“I saw those faces I know so well!,” she described, seeing the Prize Patrol for the first time. We asked her if she entered often.

“I play it every day. I go online. I like playing the slots. ”

Watch her winning moment right here!


We asked her what the rest of her day was like and how she’s coping with the change. She said things got emotional, especially when realizing she could buy a home!

“All I did that day was cry! I won’t have to rent anymore! I’ve never really had my own house. It’s going to be a big change. I’ve never had a new car before either, so I got a new car! ”

Annette’s plans also extend to some much needed vacation!

SuperPrize Winner

“My friends went crazy. They were so happy for me. They say I deserve it, because I’ve worked 3-4 jobs all my life. But I’ve always paid my bills and stayed on top of things. But me personally, I’m taking two weeks off in February for my birthday. Then in March, it’s my daughter and granddaughter’s birthdays, so we’ll go on a cruise or a trip to Disney World.”

She’s clearly a deserving person, but did she ever lose faith it would happen? Did she doubt the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize was real?

“I knew it was real. A lot of my friends thought it was a hoax. Until they saw me WIN, now that’s the proof! My family tried to stop me from playing the games. But I kept saying, ‘I’m going to win!’”

Annette passed along these words of wisdom for anyone out there who is keeping the faith too:

“Keep the faith, because you CAN win. I keep telling my friends, keep playing. Because it DOES happen.”

We’re so happy for her big win! And if you’re imagining us talking to YOU someday, remember you have to be in it to win it! Enter today!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S.  If you won, what would be your first major purchase? Buy a car, buy a house or just pay some bills? Tell us in the comments below!

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