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Winter Fun For Your Furry Friends From PCHSearch&Win!

Good Morning ,PCH fans!


How many of you own pets? If you don’t own one yourself then I am sure you know someone who does. There is so much joy in being a pet owner, and as a new “puppy mom” myself I am quickly learning just how fast they become a huge part of your family. This got me thinking fans, while fall, spring and of course, summer are ideal times to take your furry friend on long walks, or enjoy hours of outdoor playtime the winter months can be challenging. What is there to do to keep your pet comfy in the cold weather, and entertained while being indoors for most of the day? With this in mind, I immediately headed right to PCHSearch&Win  to seek some answers!

Once I logged on to PCHSearch&Win it was time to find some fun activities my pup Abby and I could enjoy. Since she’s still young it was definitely more of a challenge finding activities that were appropriate for her age. After a few clicks I landed on a page that listed a bunch of free events taking place at local pet stores near me! After doing a little more research I found some great events like a “puppy party” which helped socialize your pet plus gave tons of great information on training, housebreaking and more. They also had free trials of training classes, doggy day camps and more! I couldn’t believe all these great activities I was finding with the help of PCHSearch&Win!

While these search results were absolutely fantastic, I started wondering what other activities pet owners who have had their pets for some time suggested for wintertime fun. Knowing so many of my fellow blog writers are pet owners (and animal lovers) I decided to ask around. Check out some of their fun suggestions below (along with adorable pictures of their furry family members!).

Here I am with my new pup Abby. She’s a 14-week-old German Shepherd mix whose favorite winter activity is snuggling and watching movies with me!

Fellow blogger Russell S. shared this adorable photo of his cat Spotty and told me about some of his favorite winter activities.

“He’s an indoor guy so there’s not much weather-proofing to do with him; however, with the holidays and everything else, there are always a few extra boxes lying around the house. And for a cat, an empty box is an invitation to play. “

“It’s amazing what you can order from Amazon these days!”

Thanks, Russell for the adorable picture (and great suggestion for fellow cat owners).

Nick S., PCH Creative employee, also shared a really cute photo of his two adorable ginger cats Biscuit and Penny. Seems all these two need is a stack of newspapers to jump on to have a good time!

How adorable are these cat pictures? Seems like wintertime is no problem for these indoor furry friends, but what about those loveable pups that are so energetic during the winter? Fellow blog team member Dillon S. shared this adorable photo of her beautiful pup Capo, a Weimaraner and Black Lab mix!

She had some great search suggestions for keeping your furry friends warm and entertained such as searching for homemade dog treat recipes, or even searching for instructions on how to knit your best pal a cozy sweater to keep warm in chilly temperatures!

Wow fans, I just love all the pictures of the adorable pets of PCH and I hope you all do as well. Along with these heartwarming pictures are even more fantastic ideas for keeping these furry family members safe and happy this winter! Log on right now and give PCHSearch&Win a shot at finding some fun activities for you and your pet to enjoy! Oh, and remember that once you log in, your first search of the day gains you an automatic entry into the fabulous PCH sweepstakes! You can also win instantly just by searching! Log on now and get started!

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