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Have You Claimed All Your Entries Today?

I never won anything in my life until…

Hey, Publishers Clearing House fans! I’ve been an employee at Publishers Clearing House for many years now, and working here has taught me something very important: real people REALLY win! Yes, people DO win contests!

I know this because I get to interview our big SuperPrize winners,  but also because many of you have told us about your PCH wins in the comment sections of our blogs!

Have you ever won something before? I had never won anything in my life, until one day…

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I was ten years old, and was out with my mom running errands. It was a hot summer day, and I begged her to let me buy a soda at the grocery store. Usually this was a big “no-no,” but something that day made her say “yes”. I grabbed my soda, sat in the back of our minivan and untwisted the cap. I quenched my thirst and then glanced down at the cap in my hand…and I couldn’t believe what I saw! I had won $50! Well, not $50 exactly, but a $50 voucher for a ski-lift ticket! Now, I didn’t know how to ski (and I don’t think I lived near a mountain!), but just winning something was a huge rush…despite not even being able to USE my prize! I didn’t even know people actually could win contests!

Having your own winning moment just feels good, right? Whether it’s playing a game with some friends or getting a small prize from a local charity raffle, it’s great to end up on the winning side of things!

Winning can also just mean reaching a goal! Whether that’s achieving a financial milestone or completing a project, crossing a personal finish line can give you the same feeling!

What was your first winning moment? We want to hear about it the comments below! Tell us your winning stories, if not from PCH then from somewhere else!

And if you haven’t won a prize yet from PCH, there’s no time like the present! Enter so you can join the fun. Make the most of every Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes opportunity! Every entry you make is better than not entering at all! If you’re looking for ways to enter, we’ve written plenty of blogs on the best ways to go about doing it!

Again, we want your stories! Share them in the comments below. No matter how small, let’s share our positivity with each other!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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