$5,000 A Week "Forever"

A Final Call For The Chance To Win $5,000 A Week “Forever”

February 24th is approaching quickly, which means it’s almost time to announce the lucky winner of PCH Giveaway #6900! This will be our 5th “Forever” Prize Winner—and we can’t wait to find out who will be the next winner of this guaranteed award that pays out for a lifetime. We don’t want any of our fans to miss out on the chance to win this amazing prize, so we are putting out a final call to enter while there’s still time.

Tomorrow, Feb. 18th Is The Absolute LAST DAY To Get Your Entries In!

Now you know why this final call is so important. I mean it when I say you’d better hurry! Since there are only hours left to enter, head on over to PCHSearch&Win , PCHfrontpage , or even PCHgames  to search the web, check on the news or play some fun games AND get a chance to win! You only have until tomorrow, up until 11:59 pm ET to get it done, so it’s time to get cracking for your chance to become our next BIG WINNER!

Winning this prize means the winner receives $5,000 checks every week for their lifetime and then after that, those weekly checks would continue for the lifetime of a beneficiary that the winner chooses. How exciting is that? This “Forever” Prize truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

What About The Next BIG PCH Giveaway?

Once a winner is selected and we say goodbye to Giveaway #6900, I’m sure you’ll all be wondering what will come next. Well, there’s no need to worry! PCH will be replacing this Giveaway with a new one! Your next chance to win BIG will be by entering Giveaway #8800. You can bet this Giveaway will be just as exciting as the last!

Many of our fans are always asking, “Do people really win?” And the answer is YES! People really do win! In fact, PCH has already awarded $315 million in cash and prizes to many lucky winners! Check out the Winners Circle link at right to read about some incredibly exciting and inspiring winning moments and the Video link to watch some winners’ videos from across the country!

You don’t want to miss out on the chance to win $5,000 A Week “Forever”! You never know. With a little luck, it could be you who opens the front door on February 24th and is greeted by the PCH Prize Patrol holding a BIG check!

Good Luck!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

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