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Where Will Our Next Stop Be?

Well, fans, the moment of truth is almost here. The Prize Patrol Van is geared up, the Big Check is now signed, and the Prize Patrol is all ready for an unforgettable Winning Moment. Tomorrow is a big day, because we will definitely award our $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize. So the big question is, Where Will Our Next Stop Be?

Have any ideas? I’m sure you have a preference. We’ve changed many lives in many different places, and tomorrow we’ll make a stop to add another to that list! Don’t you want that stop to be your home city?

The Prize Patrol has delivered Big Checks all over America. From Anchorage, Alaska, to San Jose, California, to St. Petersburg, Florida, and everywhere in between. Earlier this month we were in Jersey City, New Jersey for Christina Beaufort’s Winning Moment!  But that’s all in the past … where will our next stop be?

Tomorrow the Prize Patrol will be driving extremely precious cargo. That’s because this Big Check will be for $5,000 A Week “Forever”! The lucky “Forever” winner will receive $5,000 every week for the rest of their life, PLUS, those weekly payments will be passed onto the life of a beneficiary they choose!

So our destination tomorrow is pretty important, wouldn’t you say? We can say for sure that someone will win $5,000 A Week “Forever”, but who could say where our next stop will be?

Please remember, everyone, it’s critical for security reasons that you NEVER post your full address in the comments section. But which state, which city are you hoping the Prize Patrol visits for the big Winning Moment? Comment and let us know! And be sure to look out of your windows tomorrow to see if out next stop will be for YOU!

Joe W
PCH Creative

PS: Tomorrow you should visit the blog to read clues about where our next stop will be, and check out the Facebook page to get some behind the scenes action of the Prize Patrol!



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