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3 ways to retire early! Win money for life!

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3 Ways to Retire Early

For quite some time, the American Dream consisted of getting a good job, buying a nice home, and living a long life. But, in recent years, another step has been added to that dream lifestyle – to retire early.

The truth is, very few Americans really love their jobs. They go to work each day, hoping and dreaming of one day being able to retire early enough to still be able to enjoy life’s pleasures. Well, try as you might, there remains only three concrete ways to able to accomplish that goal. Here are the three best ways to retire early.

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2. Save Money with a 401K

Saving money with a 401K is one of the most traditional ways to save for retirement and it’s popular because it works. When you are enrolled in this type of retirement fund, your employer adds its own contributions to your retirement fund, often matching your own contribution. And, the more you contribute to your 401K, the faster it will grow and the earlier you’ll be able to retire.

Of course, being able to allot the maximum amount to your 401K is only possible if you earn enough to be able to live a capable lifestyle without that money. This is the hard part, with most people needing every dollar of their paychecks just to make it through the week.

3. Choose a Career with a Pension

If you’re young enough, choosing a career with a good pension can help you retire sooner than later. The only problem is, jobs with defined-benefit pensions are on the decline as most are shifting from pension plans to 401Ks. But, there are still some occupations where you can get a pension, like teachers, police officers, and other public employees. These careers allow the employee to retire after a certain number of years of service, meaning if you start young enough, you can be eligible to retire while still in your 50s.

Most studies indicate that in order to live up their prior standard of living, a retiree will need about 70% of their pre-retirement salary. If you can find a career with a pension plan that can provide that level of income by the time you want to retire, then you will probably be able to do so.

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Dave D.
For PCH Creative

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