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Here at PCH, we believe that “Happy Just Feels Better”!

Throughout life, it’s great to have a positive attitude. All in all, it just feels better to be happy… so that’s why I wake up every morning and put a smile on.

While we’re on the topic of happiness, we recently heard from PCH Fan Chrissy D. She shared a very uplifting, motivational, and positive message in the comments section of a previous PCH Blog Post:

Thank you for your positivity, Chrissy D! Spreading positivity is a great way to be!

Much like Chrissy D., I also like to live my life positively. Ever since I was little, my parents and my grandparents have always taught me the importance of living a positive and happy life. When I was a kid, whenever I felt sad or worried, my mom would always say, “Just think happy thoughts!” That is STILL a phrase I carry with me every day… and it STILL helps me feel happier!

So, during the day, when I wish to feel happier, I just think happy thoughts… I think of all my amazing family, friends, and coworkers that make me smile. Along with thinking happy thoughts, I will also watch a funny movie, eat delicious food, or exercise at the gym to feel happier! All that and a nice, warm cup of coffee is usually my recipe for happiness.

warm cup of coffee
What a beautiful view. It makes me happy to enjoy a nice, warm cup of coffee at the PCH NYC Office!

While I was thinking of my own happy thoughts throughout the day, I began to be curious of what makes other people happy. So, I asked some PCH employees around the office…

 What Makes YOU Happy?

 “Things that make ME happy are cooking and entertaining for my family and friends, jamming out to music with my husband, cuddling with my dogs, and a perfect summer day on my boat!”
– Dillon S.

“A good book and the time to read it.”
– Jane M.

“Know what makes me happy? ROAD TRIPS! There’s something exhilarating about driving along the highway with my favorite people, singing along with the radio, in anticipation of an exciting, new destination.”
-Elaina R. 

 “Traveling the world with my fiancé is what makes me truly happy. To make memories, experience different cultures and learn, is the greatest gift life could give.”
-Matt S.

 “Drinking coffee and reading the paper in the morning!”
-MaryBeth H.

 Seeing lots of people commenting on the PCHblog — motivating others with their ‘in it to win it’ attitudes and expressing their heartfelt dreams and wishes.
-Debbie K.

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And remember… “Just think happy thoughts!”

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

P.S. You know what makes me happy? Hearing what makes OTHER people happy! Please let us know what makes YOU happy in the comments section below!


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