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February Token Exchange Winners! Will You Be On Our Next List?

Tokens are so much fun, Tokens could be scored by everyone!
So many ways tokens could be scored, go ahead and now explore!

How did you like my quick and fun poem about scoring tokens? You can tell how happy I am, right? Well, if you’re wondering why I’m so happy, I’ll tell you…

You see, February was a good time for me… because that’s when I celebrated my birthday. February was a great time for many PCH game players… because they exchanged tokens for chances at prizes through our PCH Rewards Token Exchange!

March started off with a BIG SCORE for many PCH game players! Whatever variety of free-to-play games were played over at PCHlotto, PCHSlots, PCHBlackJack, or… these games led them to SUCCESS for many of our users!

While these folks were playing all of those games, they earned tokens. Then after they earned tokens, they “cashed them in” to go for some AMAZING prizes – the types of prizes that are up for grabs every day!

Take a look at all the amazing free prizes that were awarded…

List Of Token Winners

And just to think… YOUR NAME could be on that winners list! Play and you could win by logging in now!

Have you been racking up tokens, already? Are you new to the token game? Either way, you’ll be able to log on, play some games, and rack up as many tokens as you possibly can! Then, you’ll be given the great chance to exchange them for chances to win amazing prizes! And who knows? You could win incredible prizes and end up on our PCH Rewards Token Exchange Winners List!

Have fun out there!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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