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What Would YOUR Dream Home Look Like?

If you were to let your imagination run wild … if you had tons of money to spend and the sky was the limit, what would your dream home look like?  The possibilities would be endless, wouldn’t they? Well, stop dreaming and start entering for your chance to win our $3 Million For Your Dream Home Sweepstakes!  It’s your opportunity to WIN BIG and to live your life like the rich and famous!

So, what would your dream home include? Start to really think about the special touches that would truly make it your own. This is your time to brainstorm as many possibilities as you can, so read further for some awesome ideas!

Swimming Pool…

Your dream home could have a pool with a waterfall and a slide (or two) and a diving board (or two)! Your dream home could be a swimming oasis … perfect for summertime  fun!

Sports Center …

Your dream home could have a baseball diamond, a hockey rink, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a basketball court … you name it! You could hold sporting events of your own RIGHT in your backyard!

Movie Theater…

Your dream home could have a movie theater with the biggest television screen you want, along with reclining seats, a popcorn machine, old-school projectors … you could hold your very own awards night viewing party right in your home!

State of the Art Kitchen …

Your dream home could have the kitchen you’ve always wanted , with state-of-the-art appliances, brand new counter tops and cabinets and beautiful floors, AND it could be stocked with ALL of the most delicious food you could imagine! Just think of the dinner parties you could hold there!

The possibilities are endless…

Your dream home could include … well, like I said, the sky’s the limit … your dream home could have anything you’d like!

Tell us what YOU would put in YOUR dream home in the comments section below!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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