A Special Behind-The-Scenes Look At Our PCH NYC Office!

Although our main headquarters are on Long Island , PCH continues to grow in different directions, and that means we need to open smaller offices in other states and cities to handle some of these new and exciting changes. Many of you may not know it, but we now have a beautiful office in New York City! Yes, some of us now work in the Big Apple, and it’s time for me to take you behind the scenes for an inside look!


1.  Come on, its in the heart of the Big Apple!

New York City is known as one of the most amazing cities in the world. From its world-renowned theater district and incredible variety of restaurants, to its beautiful parks, fantastic shopping and incredible nightlife, there is no other city like it. And our Big Apple office has great views of the NYC skyline!

2.  Great Floor Plan and Work Spaces

The NYC office was designed with an open floor plan and has a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. It’s pretty nice, don’t you agree?  You don’t have to just take it from me. Here’s what PCH employee Will F. has to say: “The open space leads to a very collaborative work environment! It’s so easy to literally just roll your chair over to whomever you’re working with, and instant collaboration!”  And Terry S. couldn’t help but chime in: “The NYC Office has such great energy due to the Open Floor plan, which allows me to stay “in the know” of real time happenings of the PCH Media Team … I just love it!”

Of course we have an awesome meeting room so everyone can share ideas with each other and keep up with the schedules and work flow.

And then we have less formal areas to meet and talk, too.

Check out the kitchen area!

I wouldn’t mind enjoying my cup of morning Joe in that space

3.  Great Coworkers

They say that no matter where you work, it’s the people who make the difference. And the NYC office is no exception! Just like at the Port Washington office, it seems that everyone in NYC has a genuine respect for each other and that they enjoy coming to work every day.  Let’s hear what they had to say, shall we?  Kristen M. says, “I’m a Long Islander and I do the commute to the NYC office … love the people and the team!” And from the sounds of it, it’s also a great place to meet up with people from our other offices who can stop in if they’re in town. Darin L. says, “I enjoy working in the NYC office due to the evolving visitors from Port Washington, Boston and Portland coming through often.”

4.  It’s a great space to be productive AND have fun!

Knowing you’re part of an amazing team that supports each other makes the job that much easier and rewarding. Let’s face it. When you’re comfortable and relaxed, you can be more creative and share in all of the energy around you. It’s just a very productive, and fun, atmosphere to be in!

Will F. is in the zone!

5.  Bottom Line … PCH is a great company to work for!

Publishers Clearing House is an amazing company that makes dreams come true for folks all around the country. So it’s no wonder that its employees love to be a part of the happiness that comes along with changing people’s lives for the better. It doesn’t matter which office a PCH employee reports to every day — it’s a great experience no matter what!

Today’s blog guest star and fellow copywriter Will F. and I both love working at PCH!

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Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I have always wanted to go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City but never gotten there yet. Every time I try to save up for it, something happens and my dream of being in New York at that time is gone, this is one of my many DREAMS in why I want to win big from PCH.

  2. Hi guys at work. I think it would be great to win the 2nd place prize. I’m always here a few states below you, whenever you all are ready to give away some serious cash!!!!!! Thanks for all that you guys do up there in the big city!

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  4. Since I’m currently unemployed, I would love to have a job in the PCH NYC office. Are there any openings? I’ll await a timely reply. Thank you.

  5. wow I will love to have a job at PCH that will make my dream come true ,but I’m so far away in 96753.maui HI