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“I Was Contacted By Danielle Lam On Facebook”: Don’t Be Scammed!!

Greetings PCH Fans!

There’s nothing we enjoy more here at PCH then making our loyal fans BIG winners through our many giveaways and sweepstakes! That said, one of the things we don’t love here at PCH is when scammers reach out to our fans and try to convince them that they have to pay to claim a prize!  Remember, at Publishers Clearing House the winning is ALWAYS FREE!

The ONLY way for a chance to win any one of our amazing sweepstakes is to enter, enter, enter in every way that you can!  Oh, and of course the only way you’ll know if you have become our next big winner is when the Prize Patrol shows up at YOUR door in person with balloons, flowers and of course … a big check!

How Do You Know If You Have Received A PCH Scam Contact?

While scammers in the past have contacted fans via email, phone and mail, they have also taken their scamming methods to social media by contacting fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ve had fans who report that they were contacted by Danielle, Dave, Todd or Howie – and were asked to wire them money to claim their prize.

We want to raise a red flag to all of our PCH fans right now, because this simply CANNOT be true. As you all know, here at PCH we would NEVER notify winners in advance and we would NEVER request payment of any kind to claim a prize!  We love to surprise our winners and capture those candid winning moments, so that you may enjoy them just as much as we do!

So, even though we know our fans are savvy enough to remember that Publishers Clearing House or the Prize Patrol would never reach out to a winner on ANY social media site, here are a few things you can do if you are contacted by anyone claiming to be Danielle Lam (or any of the Prize patrol members) on Facebook.

Help Prevent Friend Requests From Scammers On Facebook

Scammers tend to watch the activity on the PCH pages and try to send friend requests to the fans who comment often. By making sure all your privacy settings are up-to-date on your social media pages you can help prevent PCH scammers from contacting you.

Fill Out A Scam Incident Report

Here at PCH we work super hard to make sure our fans have the safest and most enjoyable experience throughout all of our properties. If you or someone you know feels they have been contacted by a scammer, please head over to our Scam Incident Report page and fill it out right away!

So fans, I hope this information was helpful! Our goal is to provide you with the most fun, safe and enjoyable experience. Keep those entries coming and who knows … someday the next big winner might be you!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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    1. Hello Jim, I am really happy that you knew that it was not the real PCH who contacted you! We never notify major winners over the phone or through standard mail, email or Facebook. We would really appreciate it if you would send us the details of this scam call you received. PCH does not send private Facebook messages to our fans so please complete a Scam Incident Report. Here’s how: There are a lot of scammers out there who use the good name and reputation of PCH, as well as the names of those of us on the Prize Patrol. Please be careful everyone!!

  1. I’m Danielle Lam from the Publishers Clearing Patrol (PCH) headquarters based in the Jericho NY, USA
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    I want the real Danielle Lam to call me on video to make sure of who I am talking with.

  2. I was contacted by Danielle lam from pch ask me to pay a $275 dollars activation fee in order to clam my winnings on December 29th 2023 here is her g mail address 178$$$$

    1. My father is being scammed right now by a women claiming to work for PCH. He sent her several gift cards and now she claims fed ex will be arriving with his prize. She goes by the name Danielle Lamb. She has him completely suckered. No matter what I say he believes her. What do you do to stop this crazy scamming of elderly folk. My dad’s 91 years old. I am so upset by all this. Too many PCH scamming going on!

      1. Hey Judy, That is a scammer posing as Danielle! The real Danielle doesn’t privately contact winners via Facebook and you never need to pay to claim a PCH prize. Do not give the scammer ANY of your personal information. Please report this scam to us by completing a scam incident report. Click this link to find out how: Check out our Fraud Protection site to see how to stay safe: Stay safe everyone!