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Winner Personalities

What’s Your Winner Personality Type?

I make a bet everyone out there dreams about winning a PCH SuperPrize. I mean, who wouldn’t? Winning a $2 Million immediately plus $10,000 A Month For Life plus a new Lincoln MKZ valued at over $36,000 “Win It All” prize  would be the most incredible experience. But have you ever stopped to consider what type of winner you would be? What would you do with all that money? Let’s take a look at some Winner Personalities and have a little fun. Then I’d love to hear in the comments below, which type of winner you would be!


As it states above, THE SAVER stashes the cash! THE SAVER puts every extra penny in the bank. He saves his money for an emergency or even just a rainy day, but doesn’t spend it immediately. I have to say that if I won a PCH SuperPrize (PCH employees aren’t eligible, but It’s fun to dream), this would be my Winner Personality type. But then again… a huge fortune just might change that!


THE PLANNER plans for the future! Similar to THE SAVER, THE PLANNER also saves his money, but he bides his time, as he has a master plan  for future use! Are you big on future planning? What would be your big future purchase if you won?


THE INVESTOR makes money grow! Well, I’ve never been praised for my shrewd business know-how, but investing for the future sounds like a good move to me. Anybody out there THE INVESTOR type? Would you invest your winnings? What kinds of things would you invest in? Share your thoughts below!


THE SHARER spreads the wealth! Awww, I like this one. I bet every single one of us has someone they would love to share with or help. I would definitely spread the wealth with my family – and most of all, I’d lavish my Autumn with everything a dog could ever want. Who would you share with?


THE SPENDER splurges big time! Aww yea, now we’re talkin’. THE SPENDER loves to shop and doesn’t worry about how much he’s spending. He thrives on the instant satisfaction that comes with a wonderful purchase. THE SPENDER has a point. I have to admit – I love to shop! And if I had a $2 Million Plus More SuperPrize “in my pocket,” I have a feeling I’d be more inclined to splurge! Are you a SPENDER? Do you just love to shop like me?

You know, after giving it some thought, I’ve concluded that I could really be any one of those types of winners. I mean winning PCH Millions would change any point of view! And a huge fortune like a SuperPrize would satisfy any type of winner for sure!

What about you guys? Which Winner Type would you become if you won a PCH fortune? Do you have your own Winner Type that’s not on my little list? I’d love to hear what everyone thinks. Please join in on the conversation below!

Well, dreamtime is over for me (for now). But let’s all keep our dreams close, and never stop trying to achieve them. Until we dream again, PCH friends!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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