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PCH Big Check Would Love To Drive Up In A Lincoln MKZ!

Hey. Blog Readers,

I’m hoping you’ve heard by now that we’re looking for a winner of our June 30th Prize Event where YOU could have me, Lucky The PCH Big Check, at your door with $2,000,000.00 PLUS $10,000.00 A Month For Life PLUS A Brand New Lincoln MKZ!

And as I sit here, waiting in suspense to find out who our special early look prize event winner will be, all I can think about is driving that car! Yes, it’s true – your pal Lucky loves to drive… and just seeing that Lincoln MKZ makes me dream about having the wind in my zeros… my corners rested in those plush seats… and my signature line bopping to all my favorite songs on the radio as I cruise through the streets leaving my cares behind.

Oh, just the thought of driving can make you feel SO brand new! Once, I even met this guy named Bill (you might know him — his nickname is “Dollar”) and he told me that he was stretched so thin – but then he took a drive and was as cool as a new roll of quarters — because the open road really can change ya!

That’s why, to me, it makes perfect sense that the Win It All Prize includes such an incredible vehicle… so the winner could have immediate cash, continued financial security AND the freedom to change things up just by getting in the car and driving! Wouldn’t you love the freedom of taking a brand new car for a spin? Win and you could take the driver’s seat while I stretch out my zeros in the back!

But before anyone can drive that car, or be a passenger, we need to find a winner! And since PCH can only award the Win It All Prize if a matching winning number is claimed before time runs out, I’m hoping you Blog fans will start your engines and enter every chance you get! That means going to every day, checking out sites like PCHSearch&Win and PCHfrontpage, playing our apps – and of course entering right here on the blog (scroll up and click the image at right). There are so many ways to enter – and any one could make you a Winner – so please don’t miss out!

If I could drive up to our next PCH winner’s home in a brand new Lincoln MKZ it would be one of the most memorable winning moments yet! So get those wheels spinning into action! And let me know below… would YOU want me to pull up at your door in a new car Prize Day?

Good Luck,

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check

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