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Enter the ‘First Class Cash’ Travel Sweepstakes Gwy. #8186

 Enter the First Class Cash Sweepstakes and Win up to $90K

Publishers Clearing House is all about making dreams come true, and for many people, those dreams include taking once-in-a-lifetime vacations. But, whether you desire to escape to a sun-drenched tropical island or you want to travel the world, a luxury vacation costs money.

Luckily, Publishers Clearing House has a sweepstakes that can help you win enough money for any type of trip you might have in mind! It’s our First Class Cash Sweepstakes! Enter to win a cool $90,000 that you can use to plan your ultimate vacation!

Where Would You Travel To if Money Wasn’t an Issue?

Think about the type of vacation that you could have if you didn’t have to worry about money! Where would you go? Have you ever wanted to take an African safari? How about a pampered train ride across Europe or maybe a romantic getaway to a French Polynesian beach resort?

With the money you could win from PCH, you’d be able to enjoy the vacation you have always wanted. The best restaurants, the best wines, the best shopping – with $90k in your pocket, it would all be within your reach.

But, before you can win, you have to enter the First Class Cash Sweepstakes. It’s completely free to enter and you can enter daily, so click on this link  and start playing. With all luck, you’ll be packing for your dream destination before you know it!

Good Luck!
Dave D.
For PCH Creative

P.S. Which vacation destination best appeals to you?

  1. a) A tropical island paradise
  2. b) A U.S. national park
  3. c) The capitals of Europe
  4. d) Other (you tell us!)

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