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The May Token Exchange Winner List Is Here! Are You On It?

Hey, everyone. It’s exchange time! I’m not talking about exchanging a pair of shoes that hurt your feet, or a gift you don’t really like – I’m talking Rewards Token Exchange! It’s May, and we want to congratulate all the May Token Exchange Winners! They played hard and were rewarded well! Take a look at who won and what they got with all those FREE tokens!

Token Exchange Winner List For May

Have you visited the PCH Rewards Token Exchange lately? I’m guessing most of you have, but I’m wondering what your favorite things up for grab are? Have you ever won before? If so, what have you won – OR – what do you hope to win sometime? Tell me in the comments section! I can’t wait to hear all your individual preferences.

I was browsing the Rewards Token Exchange earlier, and there’s some really good stuff in there: all sorts of gift cards, iPads, digital cameras, a Kitchen Aid® mixer… ESPRESSO MACHINE?! Nice! I’m wondering… is there something you don’t see in the Token Exchange that you’d like to? Feel free to offer suggestions!

You have to admit, it’s an awesome deal. All this great stuff is available for exchange and all you have to do is play free games, earn tokens and enter! What great fun! PCHlotto , PCHSlots, and PCHBlackJack  all have TONS OF TOKENS ready to be earned. Will YOU join past winners and become a June winner? I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out. Make it happen! Good luck!

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