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Tell Us… What’s Your PCH Fan Hashtag?

Stay connected with PCH by using hashtags on social media: #PCHWinner, #PCHFamily, #PCH, and many more… such as the #WinnerWednesday posts right here on this blog!

And since you are all #PCHFans… you probably have a few PCH Fan Hashtags of your OWN in mind! So now, tell us…

What is YOUR PCH Fan Hashtag?


You’ve dreamt all about what it’s like to win from PCH: big dream home, outdoor pool, tennis court, brand new luxury car… you’re probably lost in a day dream now! If you consider yourself a dreamer, the hashtag #PCHDreamer could be the one for you!


I love that song by The Monkees… “I’m A Believer!” We know you’re In It To Win It, so you believe that fortune will makes its way to your doorstep one day! Go ahead and use the hashtag #PCHBeliever to show how much you believe in your chance to win amazing prizes from PCH!


You read articles at PCHFrontpage … you search at PCHSearch&Win … you play PCHGames … you pick your numbers at PCHlotto… and yes, the list of fun PCH activities you participate in goes on and on! This means YOU are a PCH fan! So, the hashtag #PCHFan suits you just right!

Something else?

Show us your creativity! Comment below and tell us which PCH Fan Hashtag you’ll be using on social media!

And make sure to use your PCH Fan Hashtag on ALL of PCH’s social media pages! Visit the PCH Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube page and start using your PCH fan hashtag right away!


Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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