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This Week In Winning: Instant Prizes, Sunshine & Good Vibes!

Have you been having a great summer? Filled with water activities, barbeques, and just loving being outdoors? Maybe you’ve been enjoying just hanging out inside with the air conditioner on, reading a good book? Maybe you’ve had the chance to do some traveling?

Whatever you’ve been up to, summer is such a fun and happy time of the year! You know what else is fun and happy? Winning! And that’s what we have A LOT of going on this week in this “Week in Winning”!!

Yep, this week, YOU could become an Instant Winner at PCHSearch&Win! Log in and search at PCHSearch&Win every day of the week. Each day, you’ll find different ways that YOU could INSTANTLY WIN!

Here, we’ll show you! Take a look at the instant prizes you could win this week:

Monday 8/14: Start your week off right! All day long, Cash Prizes will be awarded to winners!

Tuesday 8/15: Need to pick up a few things for the week? Paper towels? Dish soap? You name it! We have FIVE $25 Target Gift Cards that will be awarded this week – wouldn’t winning these gift cards help YOU with your weekly shopping?

Wednesday 8/16: Need a computer upgrade? We have FIVE $75 Dell Gift Cards to give away … then, we will be naming a Cash Winner every 15 minutes from 7 pm to 11:59 pm ET!

Thursday 8/17: Walmart has a lot in stock that you could use for your home! And we have TEN $25 Walmart Gift Cards ready for award this Thursday!

Friday 8/18: Amazon has it ALL: Movies, tech, home appliances … you name it! And YOU could win one of the TWENTY $10 Amazon Gift Cards that are available on Friday!

Saturday 8/19: You could spend your Saturday fishing, camping, or boating if you win one of these FIVE $50 Cabela’s Gift Cards!

Sunday 8/20: Running Sunday Errands? We have FIVE $25 Target Gift Cards that could make Sunday shopping easier!

Wow! Soak in all of that amazing information on Instant Win Prizes!

You know what else is super cool? Yes, relaxing by the air conditioner. But that’s not what I’m talking about this time around! I’m talking about the super cool featured games over at PCHgames!

Take a look at what games you could play at PCHgames this week:

You see? It’s only Monday and you already have your whole week planned: searching at PCHSearch&Win, playing games at PCHgames… and don’t forget entering to win a SuperPrize at!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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