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Just Who Will Win $1 Million Today?! Follow Along and Get Clues Here!

Greetings, PCH fans and friends!

Today, August 31st, ONE LUCKY WINNER will be receiving a knock on their door by the PCH Prize Patrol! That’s right – today a very lucky entrant will be receiving a $1 Million BIG CHECK in their name! The best part is, the winner might just be YOU!

We’re going to be making things more fun around here by posting clues on the blog today so you can follow along and try to guess just where the Prize Patrol is headed! And there will be even more clues on the Publishers Clearing House Facebook Fan Page as well!

By the end of today, someone will be $1 Million richer! We can’t wait to make yet another PCH fan’s dreams come true! Here go the clues:

12:00 AM: The winner’s state is more than two syllables.

9:00 AM: The winner’s state is one word.

10:00 AM: The capital of the winner’s state begins and ends with a consonant.

11:00 AM: The winner’s state insect has red in it.

12:00 PM: The winner’s state is in the same time zone as PCH Headquarters.

***UPDATE*** The Prize Patrol went to surprise today’s winner, Jane Goodwin with a $1 Million BIG CHECK in Randolph, MA but unfortunately the winner wasn’t home! Luckily her husband was able to give the Prize Patrol more details, and they plan to surprise her later today when she returns! Stay tuned on the Publishers Clearing House Facebook Fan Page  for more updates! Congrats Jane!

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  1. Can I have James Morgan call me Anthony R$$$$$$$$$ @$$$-$$$-$$$$. I’m don’t know if my phone is hacked or not so, to be sure I need him to call me .. Thank u. I’m a winner if you want to know …

  2. Hi! This is Andrea Hoffman, I know that today is prize award day with the big check!! And I have been playing Publisher Clearing House for many, many, many years. And still haven’t won anything!! I am 57 years old. I will be playing Publishers clearing house until the day I die!! My death dying day will come first!! And still didn’t win!! Anything!! Because, I know for a fact!! That the winning big check forever for life!! Always and forever !! Always goes to some one else in some other state and some other city!! It’s never going to be me! And I keep playing every day, of each year. I have been playing for 15 to 18 years now! And still haven’t won anything!! Like I said, it’s always someone else who gets the big check and winds the forever for life!!! Always!! All the time!!! Sincerely: Andrea Hoffman.