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September Smiles: The Month In Winning at PCHPlay&Win!

It’s Autumn! September 22nd made it official. Autumn in New York (where PCH Headquarters is located) is absolutely beautiful. The cool temperatures and the warm colors are a Win Win combination. PCH has some Win Win combinations too! For example, the exciting properties that make up PCHPlay&Win, where you can WIN WIN CASH every day: PCHblackjack, PCHslots and PCHtv.

So many of you have played your hearts out this September, so let’s take a look at The Month in Winning at PCHPlay&Win! This is a list of some of our lucky winners and their exciting CASH PRIZES. Are you on this list? DID YOU WIN from PCHPlay&Win this month? Well feel free to brag if you did.

Neat, right? I’m curious… what is YOUR favorite PCHPlay&Win game? For example, do you like the handsome elegance of PCHblackjack? Or maybe you prefer the sizzling excitement of PCHslots. Perhaps sitting back with some PCHtv is more your speed. We want to know. Definitely jot it down in the comments section.

Either way, you have to admit… WINNING CASH just for playing your favorite games and/or watching “TV” is a pretty good deal. Look at Art B of Houston, TX. He won $500.00 CASH with PCHslots. And check out all those $100.00 winners! Luckily, there are always new and exciting opportunities to WIN BIG MONEY ! So don’t you worry if you didn’t make the September list… there’s always October and December, and so on!

So there you have it. The Month In Winning at PCHPlay&Win in a nutshell – or make that an acorn shell since it’s Fall. There is a really pretty, old quote by American poet, William Cullen Bryant. He said, “Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” Well, that may be true of the season, but at PCH, where Winning Happens Constantly, there is never a last smile! See you next time and Happy Autumn!

Tina P.
Online Creative


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