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What Emoji Would You Be If You Won The PCH SuperPrize?

Imagine: you’re standing with the Prize Patrol, you just won the PCH SuperPrize, and you want to share the big news with loved ones! Then, you think to yourself, “how will I share this great news with friends and family members that live far away?” Well, you could send them a message, of course!! A fun text message or email message could express your excitement of winning a BIG sweepstakes!

Now, in this message, you’d probably share the details of your recent sweepstakes winning moment … AND you’d probably want to include emojis to add even more fun to your message! Now, we’re wondering… what emoji would you use to describe your emotions? In other words, what emoji would you be if YOU won the PCH SuperPrize?

Smiley Face Emoji

If the Prize Patrol handed you a SuperPrize, you’d probably want to show off your million-dollar smile! We’re sure you’d have a big smile on your face with your recent BIG CHECK in hand! If you think this sounds like you, survey says you’d be the smiley face emoji if you won the PCH SuperPrize!

Surprised Face Emoji

The Prize Patrol always shows up at the sweepstakes winner’s doorstep by surprise … as you know they never notify the winner ahead of time. So, if the Prize Patrol arrived at your home with a sweepstakes award, you would be cheerfully surprised! If you relate the most to this, then you’d be the surprised face emoji if you won!

Laughing Face Emoji

The Prize Patrol arriving at your front step would fill you with so many happy emotions, you might even start laughing! You’d be so happy to have instant financial stability that you’d be able to laugh all the way to the bank! Does this sound like you? If so, then you’d be the laughing face emoji!

If you won $2.6 Million Plus $5,OOO.OO A Week For Life, you could even be inspired to use other really cool emojis to express how great you feel. We see that a lot of you already use great emojis in the comments section, which is awesome!

So, we’re wondering… What emoji would you be if you won a SuperPrize? Tell us in the comments section! Looking forward to seeing some of those cool emojis!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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