Ask A Publishers Clearing House Winner!

It was a warm Friday in early October, and the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol was jogging up the driveway of winner Fran Chargar. They couldn’t wait to let her know that she was a Publishers Clearing House winner! She was about to receive not one, but two, big checks. One was for $1,000,000.00 and a second was for an incredible $10,000.00 A Year for Life! Watch her winning moment below!

As you can see, Fran was shocked! She could barely get out a few words, but the excitement in the air was palpable. The Prize Patrol was thrilled to hear Fran’s reaction, but it took a while for the shock to wear off. So this is where YOU come in!

If you’re a regular PCH blog reader, you know that we always do follow-up interviews with our recent Publishers Clearing House winners. We ask them what the winning moment was like, what their plans are for the money, if they continue to enter, and other questions. It’s a great chance for us to hear all of their different stories. No two winners are alike!

While we always get great feedback from our winners, now it’s time for us to hear from YOU. What do you think we should ask? Watch the clip above again and let us know what’s the first thing you’d want to ask Publishers Clearing House winner Fran Chargar after seeing that video. What sorts of things go through your mind? Are you curious about where she was before the Prize Patrol showed up? What she was doing before? Or do you have questions for the Prize Patrol? Get creative!

You can let us know your questions in the comment section below, and we’ll organize them and pick our favorites. Then when we speak with Fran, we’ll be sure to ask her questions that you really want to know the answers to! The more questions we get, the better chances we’ll all have of hearing Fran’s advice, her thoughts on being a Publishers Clearing House winner, and other stuff that will definitely be of interest to you!

So don’t delay! Ask a question below!

Matt K.
PCH Creative


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  1. I claim ownership to all those entry’s claimed to be me. 1100 solely and rightfully too. I am the real Brenda barber#1 fan of PC. Lol

  2. Hi hopefully ill lbe joining you soon in the winner scircle . What was the first thing you did after you got your your money

  3. I love you Fran you are my favorite winner. How do you feel now. I can just imagine. Great well enjoy all happiness . Lol Brenda barber. Your reaction was priceless.

  4. I Shelley Stubblefield claim all prize money coming from #11000 since my prize number came out from beging to end for the early prize event for April 2018 and if I die make my benificery Angie Stubblefield to carry the legacy God bless ya