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These Real Lotto Winners All Played For FREE!

Hey Blog Readers,

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of state lotto winners on TV, online and in the paper.

And I’m sure when you’ve seen them, they’re smiling bright, as happy as can be. But their faces aren’t telling you the whole story, because all those state winners, big and small, have one thing in common:  they spent money to play!  In their heads they’re probably calculating … this prize is really $XXX less because I had to pay to play.

And whether it’s just pocket change or thousands of dollars, the state lottery can really cost big bucks over the years!  Why, just spending $10 a week for a year is $520.00 – that’s like a win in itself!

Why spend all that cash?!?  Keep your money!  Keep it in your pocket and play at PCHlotto instead, where you don’t even need a quarter to scratch your game cards, and you could win REAL CASH PRIZES!  PCHlotto is absolutely FREE TO PLAY, absolutely FREE TO WIN and we absolutely have winners EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR!

But don’t just take my word for it … take a look at this list of just some of the lotto winners from last month that all won for free at PCHlotto:

Jessie P. of Williamstown, WV Won $100.00

Joseph S. of Goshen, IN Won $100.00

Valerie K. of Forked River, NJ Won $500.00

Tashia D. of Temple Terrace, FL Won $100.00

Diamond P. of Springfield, MA Won $100.00

Al M. of Sammamish, WA Won $150.00

Cecil C. of Panama City, FL Won $150.00

James K. of Goleta, CA Won $150.00

Valerie T. of Gwynn Oak, MD Won $250.00

Wayne T. of Jamaica, NY Won $250.00

Angela S. of Simsponville, SC Won $500.00

And that’s only the beginning…

Want to get on the winners list, too? Well, like I said, you don’t have to buy a single ticket!  Just play at PCHlotto and it could happen for you with our daily drawings, weekly drawings or instant-win scratch games!

And speaking of games … did you know PCHlotto has recently upped their free-to-win prize game by introducing new cards like the $2.5 Million MegaPrize, $500.00 A Week Set For Life Card, $10K State Of Play and so much more.  Imagine, picking your numbers for FREE and winding up a winner… wouldn’t that be amazing?

Don’t waste another second – or another dollar.  Play for free at PCHlotto now and you could become one of our next big lotto winners in no time!

Good Luck,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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