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The Company With the “Cardboard Check Sweepstakes!”

 • “Are you the company with the Big Check?”

 • “Oooh, I know – you do the Cardboard Check Sweepstakes!”

  • “I see your TV commercials with the Sweepstakes and the Cardboard Check all the time!”

These are some of the excited responses I get when people find out I work for Publishers Clearing House. Sometimes it makes me feel like a semi-celebrity – and I’m not even in any of the TV commercials , which currently feature our latest “Turn Back Time” SuperPrize for $2.6 Million Upfront plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life. I get tons of questions from lots of different people, but funny enough, most of those inquiries revolve around the “Big Check” or the “Cardboard Check Sweepstakes.”

This is funny to me because I thought they would mention WIN MILLIONS or THE PRIZE PATROL – or even the SuperPrize. What’s the first thing that comes to YOUR mind when you think of us? Do you ever talk about PCH with your friends? Do they use the term “Cardboard Check Sweepstakes?” Or do they have their own PCH vocabulary? I bet we’ll get an interesting variety of responses here –  so make sure you comment below.

Turn Back Time PrizeSo… speaking of “Cardboard Check Sweepstakes,” if you were to see a “Big Check” at your door for a whopping $2.6 Million plus more how excited would you be? That’s why you must make sure you enter because that prize is scheduled for award, and you could win it! How awesome would it be to open your wallet every single day and see all of that money? (Or maybe it would turn up under your mattress – like old school days – ha ha)! Those are just silly metaphors, but think about it.

I wonder if it’s hard to spend millions of dollars … I’ve never had the opportunity to try. What do you think? Would you take that “Big Check” and go into a spending frenzy or would that money be piling up in your rainy day fund or savings account? Let’s open up a group discussion about this. Comment below.

PCH HeadquartersWell, whether you know us as the company with the “Cardboard Check Sweepstakes,” the “Big Check” – or any other unique description, one thing is certain: If you want a chance to win $2.6 Million plus more, or countless chances to WIN MILLIONS, PCH is the place to be!

Tina P.
Online Creative



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