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You’ll Need a Good Word Search Strategy for this Game!

Hey PCH game friends! As I mentioned in another recent blog, I’ve been traveling the country lately interviewing some past winners! While that may sound like a lot of fun, the long flights can get a little tedious. That’s why I spend my time playing games at! As a writer who looks for past winners, I’m obviously a big fan of words AND searching! So when I saw our Word Search game, I knew I found a great experience that would test my best word search strategy!

Word Search is the classic game where you try and find a series of words hidden within a jumble of letters. At Games we take word search games out of the newspapers and we bring them into the 21st century, straight to your computer monitor, smartphone, or tablet. Our free Word Search games boast ten exciting levels, a variety of categories, and an array of fun high-res backgrounds.

Fancy yourself a wordsmith? This is Word Search like you’ve never experienced! Just register to play and start your first challenge. At Games, you can play Word Search games and win big!

It’s a lot of fun. In fact, I’m on a flight playing the game as I write this! During this trip, I’m traveling with two other PCH coworkers, Derek and Christian. I asked our cameraman, Derek, what his favorite strategy is:

“I like to look for smaller words first. It’s usually easiest to spot the three letter words. If there are two letter words, you got lucky! Then I go for the larger, harder to identify words. I guess that’s my word search strategy!”

I tried Derek’s advice, and he was right on the money. Looking for those smaller words first really helps you to focus and concentrate on the “low hanging fruit” first.

Sitting a few seats in front of me is our video editor, Christian! He has an entirely different word search strategy:

“I do a systematic approach. I go line by line and see if I can find a word. That is what works best for me. The words have to be there, so if you didn’t find one you just have to go back to the beginning and look again! Once you get the hang of it, you can go through these word searches pretty quickly!”

I think Christian’s tactics make for a great word search strategy, and I plan on using them during my next game.

While we all have our own word search methods, we can all agree that it’s a fun game and totally worth investing time in! It also helps that since this is a token game, you can redeem the tokens you receive afterwards towards chances to win awesome prizes!  As PCH employees, Derek, Christian and I can’t win anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Make sure you try these word search strategies and get lots of tokens today…whether you’re playing up in the air or down on the ground!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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