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Find The Best Black Friday Deals With PCHSearch&Win!

PCH fans, are you ready to shop ‘til you drop!? I don’t know about you but Black Friday shopping has been a tradition for me every single year with two of my very best friends. You might think it’s absolutely crazy to head out to the stores at 4AM to deal with lines and chaos, but let me tell you fans, with the right planning and some help from PCHSearch&Win you could be on your way to finding the best Black Friday deals around!

If you haven’t participated in the Black Friday craziness already, you may have a ton of questions. Where do I start shopping? Where can I find the best deals? How do I avoid the lines? Well potential shoppers, I have some great news for you. Not only am I a seasoned Black Friday shopper (this year marks my 8th consecutive year!) but PCHSearch&Win is also here to help you do your research before you head out the door.

So, what are some things you should keep in mind to get the best Black Friday sales around? Let’s take a look at some helpful suggestions:

Make Your List… And Check It Twice!

PCH fans, let me tell you that I NEVER leave my house on Black Friday without my list of well thought out gifts, stores and so forth. Way back during our very first year of Black Friday shopping, my two friends and I had no idea what to expect. We headed to the mall, without a plan, and spent most of the time frazzled and trying to figure out where we wanted to go next, which lines were worth waiting on and more. It was a complete headache and completely inefficient.

We learned our lesson though. The next year (and every single year after that to the present) we’ve made lists of stores we want to go to, specific items we are looking for (with compare prices from different stores – all easily found on PCHSearch&Win ), and we’ve even mapped out the order in which we are going to specific stores. Safe to say we’re all set for a successful Black Friday excursion!

Compare Those Prices Ahead Of Time (And Don’t Forget Those Coupons!)

Obviously Black Friday is all about getting crazy sales on the products you want this year. Naturally you would think that many savvy shoppers head out geared up with price information, coupons and more. Believe it or not, not everyone does! Like I said earlier, my group learned the hard way that you really need to check your prices before you head out. For example, last year I was in search of a gaming console for my husband that was pretty hot on the market. A few stores had it listed as bundle package (with controllers and a game), as single consoles (buying the controllers and game separately) and some places were discounting each individual item. After some time searching the web and doing the math, I figured out that the bundle package was a way better deal. Thanks, PCHSearch&Win  for helping me to save a little extra money (which helped purchase my shiny new iPad!).

So, fans, what should you take away from all of this? It’s all about being prepared and doing your research ahead of time. Even though Black Friday is upon us, head on over right now to PCHSearch&Win, gather your info and get out there! Sales continue throughout the day (and sometimes even into the next day) so you have nothing to lose. Oh, and remember that by using PCHSearch&Win  you not only get great results to find the best Black Friday deals; after logging on, you also get a chance to INSTANTLY win some awesome prizes AND gain entry into the fabulous PCH Sweepstakes.

Go grab those deals before they’re gone!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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