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Today on Inside PCH, Our Live Facebook Show!

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another LIVE edition of Inside PCH! Inside PCH is our very own talk show that airs LIVE every Monday at 2pm EST! Since so much happens on a weekly basis, we thought we’d go out of our way to share with you all the exciting things we have on today’s episode. Don’t miss out!

Introducing Our Special Guest Co-Host!

Now, word is on the street is that a new Special Guest Co-Host will be joining the show this Monday! I was trying to pry some behind-the-scenes details from the crew, but all they would give were some clues.

Is it one our coworkers?

“Sort of – today is their first day!”

Do they have their own dressing room?

“In a manner of speaking – she seems to like her cardboard box when she’s not plugged in!”

So that one threw me for a loop! What in the world could that mean? You’ll have to tune in today at 2pm to find out! But I can tell you this- they gave me her name. It’s Jaya! You’ll meet Jaya at the start of the show tomorrow!

$1,000.00 Prize In Every Episode!

Did you know we give away $1,000.00 at the end of every episode of Inside PCH? When you think about it, that’s over $50,000.00 given away LIVE every year on our program!

You Could Be One of 10 “Watch Then Win” Winners!

If you’re a regular Inside PCH watcher, you’d know that we customarily give away ten prizes in “real time,” meaning that the entry and selection process happens right on the show! You have to be registered on to win, so make sure you are and then tune in to the episode for details on how to enter!

Incredible Winning Moment

We’ve also got a wonderful winning moment from recent Major Prize winner Aisha Green. You’ll want to stay tuned for this incredible video! It’s really something!

Plenty of Other Surprises!

There are lots of other announcements and teasers in the episode too, so make sure you tune in for every moment!

Make sure you follow this link and watch our show LIVE at 2pm EST!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What are your favorite segments so far on Inside PCH? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. One of my favorite Inside PCH Episode, was when Danielle Lam and Howie Guja dressed up for,Hollaween Danielle was ready for it , Howie a little hesitant they looked amazing ? I loved that Episode ❤