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Behind The Scenes of the PCH 2017 Holiday Party!

Last week, I attended my favorite party of the year: the PCH Holiday Party! Yep, PCH loves to celebrate prize wins, and of course PCH loves to celebrate the Holidays! I felt so happy to celebrate such a wonderful time of year with so many remarkable coworkers.

Attending the PCH Holiday Party made me feel like I was spending the night in a Fairy Tale Storybook. I recall thinking to myself, just last week, “when the clock strikes 5:00 p.m., I’ll be on my way to the party of the year”. After a great day of work at PCH, I changed my boots into high heels, hopped in my “chariot” (by which I mean by friend’s car), and away I went; off to the enchanted evening ahead!

The doorman greeted me as I approached the main entrance of the venue; “Welcome to the PCH Holiday Party!” I smiled and thanked him. I drifted through the front doors, where I was immediately surrounded by lavish decorations, delicious hors d’oevres, and of course, my marvelous PCH coworkers!


As I walked through the entrance to the beautiful venue, I was greeted by so many friendly faces that I see every day walking through the halls of Publishers Clearing House’s headquarters. We all knew fun, laughter, and good food were all in store for our evening ahead.

Soon after greeting my PCH “work-family”, I strolled over to the bar’s counter, where the bartender presented me with a nice glass of Chardonnay. There, I met a few more coworkers, where we clinked our glasses and said “cheers” to a happy holiday season, and a new year of love, happiness, and good health.

And what’s a party without a large amount of food on display, right? PCHers marveled at the wonderful dishes in front of them; pastas, meats, vegetables… ‘twas surely a sight to see. It wasn’t until I looked down at my plate that I realized I had two helpings of pasta! I’m not complaining, though; pasta is one of my favorite foods!

After a delicious helping of food a plenty, I, along with many other PCHers, glided our way to the dance floor to begin… well, dancing! All the best party songs played as smiles and laughter filled the dance floor.

Dancing came to a pause when dessert was brought out to the party. I was amazed by the sweets that were prepared for us: cookies, coffee… and a new and unique addition: a doughnut wall! Yep, you read that right! What better way to wrap up the night of celebration then with a doughnut wall?

Yep, PCH sure knows how to have a fun Holiday party; much like when I walk into work at PCH, the PCH Holiday Party filled me with joy and cheer. It’s amazing – my coworkers are some of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met… and they ALSO know how to celebrate a happy time; a perfect combination! I love working with them every day, and I also love spending time with them at the PCH Holiday Party!

Now, keep an eye out for my next blog post; where I’ll be asking YOU what your New Years Resolutions are! Until then, have a happy holiday season! Warm and happy wishes to you and your family. May your dreams be merry and your wishes come true; after all, this is the season of magic.

All the very best to you, from us at PCH!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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