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No Time To Play? All You Need Is A Minute!

It’s the busiest time of the year. The days are shorter, and we’re all running around to finish up our last minute shopping. You might think you have no time to do anything for yourself, but just remember – all you need is a minute to play games with PCH !

That’s because we’ve created quick games with you in mind. We have FIVE incredibly fun games in our Minute Mania category. And, you guessed it, each one is only a minute long. You don’t even need to go to a computer — you can play straight from your phone!

You’ll want to make sure your next free minute goes to playing a Minute Mania game with us. After you’ve played your first game, you’ll be entered to win $1 Million. One quick game and your entire life could change!

But keep in mind the more you play games with PCH, the more you could win. If you catch yourself with some more free time, then you should play TEN games. It might sound like a lot, but these are very quick games and it won’t take long to get done. Once you do, you’ll unlock a $500 Instant Win Bonus game!

Play For A Chance To Win More Prizes!

Also remember to play to win, because the higher you score the better your Token payout. And now is the perfect time of year to rack up Tokens. You can use them to enter to win incredible prizes at our Token Redemption Center. The gift card and cash prizes you can go for would certainly come in handy this time of year!

Your time is always valuable, but it’s especially true this time of the year. But we’ve got you covered! Every minute spent with us is a minute well spent. You could win you big prizes and score tons of Tokens!

Don’t forget about yourself this season. All you need is a minute to play games! So have some fun and excitement by playing out Minute Mania quick games. You might even walk away with your own present.

Joe W.
PCH Creative

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