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The Month in Winning at PCHSearch&Win!

December is just about over, and what a wonderful month it was. The season left us feeling happy and hopeful, and there is still a touch of holiday afterglow in the air. I’m sure our December PCHSearch&Win  winners must be feeling their own type of splendor right now, too. So let’s take a moment to congratulate them, and let’s take a look at the Month in Winning at Search&Win.

December PCHSearch&Win Winners

Were you or someone you know on this list? Tell us below. Every person you see on this partial list (and more) won their prize just by searching on PCHSearch&Win. Everybody searches the web, right? Most people probably search for something every day, so why not grab an opportunity to win some cash? You might just get a happy surprise if you use Search&Win to look up a recipe, plan your weekend or whatever you search for in your daily routine. Then your name might make the list of the Month in Winning at PCHSearch&Win! Did you search today? Do you search for something every day? Tell me below. I bet we get some great topics.


Win Instantly with PCHSearch&Win

All too often, people only associate winning at PCH with the SuperPrize ( Now we agree that it’s the ultimate winning moment, and every search does get you an entry into it, but we urge you not to forget that there are so many other “winning” opportunities at PCH – big and small – and we like to celebrate them all. That’s why we feature these winner’s lists like the Month in Winning at Search&Win, the Month in Winning at PCHPlay&Win, which includes PCHslots, PCHkeno, PCHlotto, etc. – to celebrate our winners and to remind everyone that people really do win every single day at PCH. Have you ever won? Let me know below and let’s motivate each other to go for it!

Now this list is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, did you know that there is a PCH winner every five minutes? Yup, it’s true. In 2017, PCH awarded over 599,724 prizes AND awarded over $21.7 Million! That’s incredible. Not to mention that PCH has had winners in all 50 states! And Search&Win specifically has at least one instant winner every single day! So keep all that in mind and let it inspire you to go for all sorts of wins – not just the SuperPrize.

OK, I think you guys get the point, and I hope you’re inspired to search every day. Thank you for joining me for the Month in Winning at Search&Win, and I hope to see YOUR NAME on one of our Winners lists real soon!

Tina P.
Online Creative



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