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Throwback Thursday – PCH’s New Year’s Celebrations of Old!

On this edition of Throwback Thursday, we look both AHEAD and BACK! You see, since it’s BOTH the beginning of a new year (2018) AND Throwback Thursday, we thought we’d look at New Year’s well-wishes…from exactly 30 years ago! It’s behind the scenes at Publishers Clearing House!

What you see above is one of our old Publishers Clearing House newsletters. We’ve mentioned them before, but here’s a quick recap: “From Our House” was a behind the scenes Publishers Clearing House newsletter that circulated to employees only. Before the days of email and Facebook, this helped all of the PCH employees keep tabs on each other.

This issue (Volume 2, Number 6) commemorated the end of 1987 and the beginning of 1988.

It’s funny to see how life has changed! There’s pictures of old computers running on magnetic tapes, workers doing time-consuming data entry, and Christmas wishes of a “basic black” 1988 Corvette! But of course some things remain the same: there’s an update section with reports on engagements, marriages and births. Plus other behind the scenes Publishers Clearing House announcements like new employees and those announcing their retirements.

But what’s most interesting in this newsletter is the article on the Mertz family art collection. Our founders amassed a very large abstract collection starting in the late 1960’s. It started with a trip to Australia and a purchase of a very unique art collection. Mr. Mertz said, “their art was a direct reflection of the strength and vigor of the land itself.” It took several years, but by 1968, 69 paintings had made their way to the States. All but one piece was donated to the University of Texas, but it sparked something in the Mertz’s that is still alive to this day.

While the art has come and gone of the years, even in our new location, select pieces still adorn our walls. Those of us in the Creative department are especially appreciative, and supporting the arts is something the Mertz’s believed in as well. This excerpt from the newsletter is especially telling:

“When the Clearing House moved to Channel Drive, Mr. Mertz hired a teacher from the Pratt Institute to assist with the interior decorating. Her class at the time was working on a special art project using vivid colors and angles. Mr. Mertz became quite interested in the project and to give each student the satisfaction of ‘selling’ their first piece of art, he bought all of their work. The collection hung in the Clearing House for many years before it was replaced with later purchases.”

So there’s some behind the scenes Publishers Clearing House info for you! As you can see from the graphics on our games and contests, we definitely put an emphasis on creativity. Maybe being even MORE creative could be a goal for us in 2018!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – What’s one creative thing you hope to accomplish in 2018? Tell us in the comments below!

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