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Free Online Arcade Games Available at PCH

Free Online Arcade Games Available At PCH

Publishers Clearing House is where you can rediscover all of your favorite arcade games and potentially win prizes playing them. We have a wide selection of arcade classics and they’re all absolutely free to play. Just register for a free account today and you can play as much as you want, right online using your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Score the highest and you might even take home the big prize!

Publishers Clearing House has been a trusted sweepstakes provider for more than 50 years. Every year we pay out millions of dollars in prize winnings and now, you can try for your piece of the big money simply by playing your favorite free online arcade games. Check out all of our addictive arcade games below and start playing for your chance to win the big prize!


Pilot Heroes is the thrilling game where you’re the pilot! Take control of your very own plane and soar through the sky while taking on airborne challenges, like flying through circles and putting out fires. There will be obstacles along the way too. You’ll have to maneuver around hot air balloons and avoid tall trees, all while grabbing gems right out of the air. Play Pilot Heroes and enjoy hours of non-stop fun. Sign up for your free account at and get ready for takeoff!

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Love pocket billiards? With Speed Pool King, you can play right on your tablet, laptop, smartphone, or desktop computer. All you have to do to play is click on the white cue ball to line up the pool stick, break, and take your shots. Time is your enemy, however. You have to sink as many balls as you can before the clock hits zero. Play smart–drop more than one pool ball per shot and you’ll pick up bonus points. This is the free online arcade game that any pool king would want to play, so register for your free account and rack ‘em up!

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Remember the basketball game from your local arcade? Now, you can rediscover your love for the game from the comfort of your tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop with 3 Point Shootout. In this highly addictive game, it’s you against the clock. Your goal is easy–sink as many basketballs as you can before the time runs out! For every shot you make you earn three points. Just be careful of the rim, bang a shot off it and it can cost you. Think it’s easy? Not in 3 Point Shootout. In this game, the basket moves! Ready to put your hoops skills to the test? Register for your free account online at PCHGames and start hitting nothing but net today.

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Eggz is a wacky and new take on the game of Solitaire. Forget what you know about the classic solo card game because Eggz brings an onslaught of fresh challenges for you to take on. All you need to do is match three-of-a-kind egg colors. When this happens, the eggs explode and they take a part of the barricade away with them. But, you’re going to want to break the wall strategically because the goal of the game is to scale to the top of the wall. Register for your free account today and find out for yourself why Eggz is one of’s top online arcade games.

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Publishers Clearing House is synonymous with winning money and now there’s a game that you can play that will allow you to “cash in” It’s called PCHMONEYBAGGZ! The goal of the game is to match up the money until you get a three-of-a-kind color match. When you get a color match, the barricade is blown apart. Break enough of the barricade apart and you might be able to cash in and take home the big score! Want your nickname to be PCHMONEYBAGGZ? Just register for a free account today and play the game to earn the name.

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PegLand is one of the most addictive free online arcade games at This stunning game features gorgeous HD graphics and incredible audio for a fully immersive experience.  But don’t let the beauty distract you! Your goal is to shoot power balls through a sea of pegs. With every peg you hit, you earn points. If lady luck is with you, you might even hit a power ball peg, which will really cause your points to soar! Ready to take on the challenge of PegLand? Sign up today at and you can play as much as you want for free.

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If you loved playing Skee Ball at your local arcade, then wait until you get a load of Carniball! Carniball is just like Skee Ball except you can play it for free online on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The rules are even the same–just drop the balls into the holes and score as many points as you can. Just be mindful of the clock, because it runs down fast! Think you have the precision and ball control it takes to master Carniball? Find out today by registering for a free account at Score enough points and you might even take home the big prize (and we’re not talking a Kewpie Doll!).

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