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Day of 1,000 Winners Event! Today Only, So Hurry!

Hi everyone. Today is a great day; you know why? Because today is the first ever PCH DAY OF 1,000 WINNERS event! It’s gonna be great, and like the name implies, lots of winners are guaranteed! But time is of the essence for this 1-day only event, so I’ll make this quick!

PCH’s very first Day of 1,000 Winners event is a big deal, and I’m so excited to tell you all about it. Today, PCH will award a whopping 1,000 winners, and one lucky Grand Prize Winner will take home a sweet $10,000.00 cash payout – hand delivered by the Prize Patrol on January 22nd!  So you may want to stay close to home that day – just in case. We seriously urge you to get in to win TODAY, so make sure you enter…enter…enter!

Even cooler is the fact that all of PCH is participating in this event. So whether you visit, PCHSearch&Win, PCHfrontpage, PCHlotto or wherever, you’ll have an opportunity to become one of 1,000 winners on this very day! And like I mentioned earlier, winners are guaranteed! Woo Hoo! Which is your property of preference to enter? Are you ready for the chance to become part of PCH history? Please share your thoughts on all of this below.

Speaking of PCH history… it’s made here fairly often. Just take a look at a few past fantastic milestones:

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OK, like I said, time is of the essence, so I want to keep this short. But if you haven’t already, it’s time to strike and to enter the 1-day-only Day of 1,000 Winners sweepstakes. Winners are guaranteed, but after today, it’s over, so make sure you ENTER TO WIN TODAY!


One last thing before I go.  I want to remind you that winning happens all the time at PCH. In fact, there are about 300 winners every day! So if you don’t score a Day of 1,000 Winners prize, don’t sweat it. There are lots of fun “winning” opportunities EVERY DAY!

Good Luck Today ­– Fingers crossed!

Tina P.
Online Creative



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