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The Winners of Giveaway #8800! Could You Be Next?

It’s time to celebrate! Giveaway #8800 is coming to an end, so we thought we’d look back at all of the winners who have made this prize number so special. What is a Giveaway number? A Giveaway number is a special number assigned to each and every sweepstakes here at Publishers Clearing House. Since we have so many contests going on at any given time, it’s imperative that we maintain a system for keeping track of contests, entries and (most importantly) winners!

Giveaway #8800 is one of those special numbers that has the ability to produce multiple winners within its “lifespan,” and even $1,000,000 winners to boot! We will soon have a final winner drawn, but before we bid adieu to #8800, we thought we’d look back on the fabulous five women who were randomly chosen as the winners of #8800 so far!

Our first winner was Martha Fryar from Fairmont, WV.  Now of course you don’t have to be a woman to win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. All of our winners are chosen at random, but it just so happens that 2017 brought some serious girl power! And Martha Fryar is a great example of that. Let’s see her winning moment!

It’s great to see someone so surprised! Our next winner was just as surprised, too – Eva Heatley of Buchanan Dam, TX! And what a momentous occasion it was … it just happened to be her wedding anniversary, too! I wish we could say we planned this $1,000,000 “gift” from Giveaway #8800, but that’s just how it worked out … happily ever after! Here’s her winning moment!

Eva told me that she was thinking of buying a boat with her winnings, and that segues perfectly with our next big winner, Jane Goodwin, who was walking down the gangway of a ship when she found out she was $1,000,000 richer! Let’s take a look at how it all went down!

It’s great to see all of these different winning moments one after the other. It really shows you that the Prize Patrol will go anywhere, making for some truly unique moments! We can go from the hustle and bustle of a Massachusetts harbor to the quiet hills of upstate New York with Fran Chargar! Fran’s shock is palpable. While she internalized her emotions, you can see the amazement in her eyes. We were so happy to be able to bring some truly life-changing good news to such a sweet lady! (Here’s her winning moment!

And here’s our most recent winner from Giveaway #8800, Betty Patchett! Betty was in the middle of bus driving training when the Prize Patrol found her at her job! Let’s take a look at how it all happened!

And Giveaway #8800 isn’t over yet! We still have one more big drawing, and it’s coming up FAST! Make sure you’ve entered at so that you’re in the running!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Which one of the above was your favorite winning moment this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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