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Don’t Worry — If You’re Not Home, The Prize Patrol Will Find You!

Excitement around Publishers Clearing House is reaching a fever pitch! Why? Because tomorrow we’re going to award our incredible $5,000.00 A Week For Life “Forever” Prize! This life changing award isn’t just $5,000.00 A Week For Life to the winner, but after that, it continues on with $5,000.00 A Week For Life payments to a beneficiary the winner chooses!

As you can imagine, delivering a prize this huge has got all of us on pins and needles, and none more so than the Prize Patrol themselves! As you may have heard, Prize Patrol team members Howie and Dave will be out on the road, with Danielle doing a live broadcast from PCH HQ (and you’ll even get reports from me, Matt Kelly!).

Delivering a regular major prize is something Dave and Howie get to do all the time, but a big “Forever” Prize only comes around every once in a while! All of us on Team PCH are going to have a great time celebrating with our winner that day, but you might be at home reading this and thinking “oh no! I have to be out of the house tomorrow! What if I’m the winner of the ‘Forever’ Prize and I’m not home when the Prize Patrol arrives?”

Well don’t worry a second about that, the Prize Patrol ALWAYS finds the person they’re looking for! And if you’re not home, that’s okay­­–people aren’t home all the time! That’s where the Prize Patrol’s finely-honed investigation skills come in handy.  Kindly neighbors, friendly postal workers or even a passerby can often give the Prize Patrol a solid lead as to where their winner might be located. And of course, in the modern age of the Internet, it probably comes as no surprise to learn there’s a ton of information out there that can help the Prize Patrol figure out where a winner might be, should they not be at their home address!

And of course, there’s the good old-fashioned stakeout. If the winner isn’t around (but definitely in town), the Prize Patrol has been known to just wait until the winner came home!

But if the Prize Patrol knows where the “Forever” prize winner is, almost nothing is going to stop them from going there! They have countless stories about all of the crazy lengths they’ve gone to in order to find the winner. Did you know that the Prize Patrol once took a dog sled to a remote site in Alaska?


Then of course there’s the time Dave Sayer found a winner on a plane, awarding the prize in mid-flight! Why, one time the Prize Patrol even tracked $5,000.00 A Week for Life winner Rosemary Cella from her house to her vacation home. That’s dedication!

So, if you’ve entered for our big “Forever” Prize and are nervous about not being home tomorrow, don’t worry! If you’re the winner, the Prize Patrol will find you…wherever you are!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – If you were the winner and the Prize Patrol was looking for you, where’s one place you think they might find you? Tell us in the comments below!

P.S.S. – If you comment telling us where you’ll be on Prize Day, please don’t use any specific addresses! We wouldn’t want to make life easy for the PCH scammers!


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  1. Hello Pch, my name is FRANK! I just wanted to inform you that if I became the winner of the Pch super prize I will be at my doctors’ appointment on 7-29-24 at 11:30 A.M. hopefully returning home between 12::30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. I will be at Epic Primary Care-Thank U much!