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Next Up: The PowerPrize is Guaranteed to be Awarded In Days!

Congrats to our newest “Forever” Prize winner! I’m sure most of you are happy for your fellow PCH Fan and their family. But it’s natural if some of you are a little discouraged that you weren’t selected as the winner of this prize.

I hope you could shake off that discouragement. There are still prizes to be won!  And we’re not talking anything minor. We’ll soon be awarding another guaranteed prize: the $4,978,632.00 PowerPrize!

That’s right! Fresh off one life-changing Winning Moment, the Prize Patrol is already gearing back up to hit the road with a new “Big Check”. This time, they’ll definitely award an incredible, Millionaire-Making $4,978,632.00.

What does this mean? It means YOU could still become our newest PCH Millionaire!

This is big. We don’t normally award back-to-back guaranteed prizes this soon. You’re hopefully someone who knows how to keep the faith; though it may sting that you didn’t win yesterday’s “Forever” Prize, this $4,978,632.00 PowerPrize is something you should take seriously.

Whether you feel like searching, feel like playing scratch cards,  or just feel like entering now,  use all your favorite ways to claim this winning opportunity. I suggest you do it soon. There are only FOUR days left to enter to win this PowerPrize. And this guaranteed prize will be awarded on March 3rd!

Our Prize Patrol enjoys nothing more than exciting Winning Moments. They’re still reeling in the fun from the “Forever” Prize Winning Moment, but they’re hungry for more. So I hope you’re still in the mood to win!

You might not have won the “Forever” Prize, but chin up! You could still win the $4,978,632.00 PowerPrize. So you should enter now!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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