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What Would You Do If You Won Over $4.9 Million Tomorrow?

TOMORROW, the Prize Patrol will be awarding a PowerPrize … and yes, they could knock on your door with a “Big Check” and this life-changing fortune of $4.9 Million!

If you won this prize in just hours, how would you spend your newly won millions of dollars?

 I Would Buy a Brand New Dream Car!

Tomorrow, the Prize Patrol could arrive at your doorstep in the PCH Van, then they could be driving YOU to the car dealership! Winning millions of dollars could mean you’d be buying the car of your dreams … so, is that how you’d spend this money if you won the PowerPrize?

 I Would Buy a Brand New Dream House!

Tomorrow, the Prize Patrol could knock on your front door with a “Big Check”! And then you could be opening your all new front door to a brand new home! Your dream home could be any size, any color, anywhere, if $4.9 Million were awarded to you!

 I Would Buy Awesome Accessories on a Shopping Spree!

Tomorrow, you could be living a glamorous life and buying all new fashion accessories with $4,900,000.00 in your pocket! Maybe you’ll even tell Danielle, Howie, Todd, and Dave your favorite stores to shop!

 I Would Buy a Ticket And Travel The World!

 Tomorrow, $4.9 Million would help you travel to anywhere in the world! Whether you’d want to go on a beach vacation, to a ski mountain, historic city, wherever… winning $4.9 Million would take you there!

WE REPEAT: TOMORROW, you could be greeted by the Prize Patrol with a “Big Check” of over $4,9OO,OOO.OO! Keep an eye out for Todd, Danielle, Dave, and Howie because they could knock on your door to award you a PowerPrize!

What would you do if you won millions of dollars tomorrow? Tell us in the comments section!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative


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