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It’s Power Prize Time! Where Do You Want To See The Prize Patrol Deliver Millions To Today?

The day is finally here, PCH fans! It’s Power Prize day! The Prize Patrol is on the road right now with a HUGE prize for a lucky winner. Not only is this prize quite an impressive amount of money but it’s also GUARANTEED to be awarded!

That’s right, fans! This incredible prize is going to show up at a lucky winner’s doorstep in just hours and their lives will be forever changed. Just think about all the opportunities that a huge prize like this would bring you. You could go on a lavish vacation, buy a new home, help out friends and family and so much more! The possibilities are truly endless.

Of course, now, the big question is where do you want to see the Prize Patrol deliver today’s big check? If you’ve been playing and entering every day then you’re probably hoping that they are on their way to your state and neighborhood, ready to award you and your family millions! Well, that possibility could become reality in just a short while. Remember that with a GUARANTEED prize, we will definitely have a winner today!

So, tell us, fans, where do you think our favorite prize awarding team is traveling today? They could be headed to your doorstep right now so be ready and be on the lookout! Oh, and don’t forget that our winners have the absolute BEST winning moments, so while you are waiting for today’s HUGE prize why not practice your winning moment reaction? You never know, the next knock on the door could be the best one of your life!

Good Luck!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

P.S.- While we love making our fans BIG winners, we don’t want to make life easy for PCH scammers out there! Remember that you should never post your address or personal information on social media! Stay safe and have fun!

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