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Win A Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes!

The kitchen is easily my favorite room of a house. I know I can’t be the only one. Sure, it’s where we keep all the food. But it’s also where everyone comes to spend a little family time. If your kitchen is important to you, and if you’ve been thinking of giving it an update, you should check out our Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes!

From countertops to cabinets and everything in between, if you need some cash for a kitchen upgrade, PCH has your back. You could Win $35,000.00 when you enter our Kitchen Cash-In Contest! And if you feel your kitchen is already as good as it gets, you could just keep the cash prize!

But let’s be honest, kitchen upgrades are always needed. I know of half a dozen things I’d do to my kitchen without even taking a good look around. I like cooking for my family and friends. The first thing I’d give my kitchen would be more counter space. There never seems to be enough! A new stove couldn’t hurt, either.

What about you? If you win our Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes, what’s the first thing you’d change? With a $35 Thousand Cash Prize, you can shape your kitchen now into the kitchen of your dreams!

Would you give your kitchen more of a modern feel, with all the latest high-tech gadgets to cook with? Or maybe you’re someone who would rather have an airy, roomy kitchen with lots of windows and enough natural light to grow your own herbs and spices. Maybe all you need is a bigger and better fridge to keep fresher take-out and delivery.

Of course, upgrading your kitchen could be just the start. PCH offers other incredible cash prizes you can go for! After you’ve entered to win our Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes, why not check out some of our other sweepstakes?

You could win cash prizes that could send you to your dream vacation, put you in your dream home, or even a prize that could change your life!

So before you go and sink your savings into a kitchen upgrade, head to PCH. You could win $35,000.00 in our Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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