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Top 10 Ways To Score More Tokens That Count!

Are you doing everything you can be to Score Tokens? Our Token Exchange Center is filled with incredible prizes. And you need to have Tokens to get in to win these prizes! Here is a list of the top ten ways to score even more:

1) Search

Need to look up a quick recipe? Wondering what is the forecast of your town? Simply search for it at PCHSearch&Win! One search not only scores you Tokens, but also it gives you a chance to win our current SuperPrize!

2) Watch

If you think searching is too strenuous, why not sit back, relax and watch a video? Check out our Winners tab. You can watch all the latest Winning Moments. And with each new video you watch, you’ll score Tokens!

3) Read News

PCHFrontpage is your one-stop shop to catch up on the latest news, check the weather, and now you could enjoy incredible life hacks – quick and easy ways to make life a little easier. Check out Everyday Life to watch videos and read articles with quick easy tips and tricks to help your day. And with each article read and video watched, you’ll score Tokens!

4) Play Games

If you’re a gamer, we have you covered. Our Token Games are designed specifically to earn you as many as possible! We have all different types of gaming categories. And each day you can play a tournament for a chance to win a top cash prize, as well as score 2x Tokens for each play!

5) Blackjack

If 2x Tokens for each play aren’t enough for you, head to the PCHBlackjack tab. join our daily tournament, and you’ll score 3x Tokens for each play!

6) Scratch Cards

We have Scratch Offs that could win you $1,000 and $2,500. And after you’ve played 5 games, you can unlock an Instant Token Game where you could score up to 50,000 Tokens!

7) Lotto

Keep your luck going with PCHlotto! You’ll score Tokens with each card completed, and you’ll receive cards from which you could win instant prizes and can earn even more Tokens. How many will you earn?

8) Keno

Want Tokens? Keno has Tokens! Head to the PCHKeno tab, where you could score up to ONE MILLION TOKENS if your numbers match.

9) Use The App

Can’t get to a computer? Use the PCH App! You can take the best of PCH wherever you go, like scoring 2x Tokens on game plays! You could become a big winner wherever you want!

10) Become a VIP or a VIP Elite

When you become a VIP or a VIP elite, you’ll have access to exclusive content. You’ll get shots to win exclusive prizes and reserved cash and Token amounts.

If you want to be featured on our Token Leader Board, you need to score as many as you can. Use this list to optimize your Token amount! Head to and find your favorite way to rack them up!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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