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Play Sprint Club Nitro!

Think you’re a good driver? We have a new Token Game so you can prove it to us! Play Sprint Club Nitro and show your skills on the road!

This new game is great for any car enthusiast, race fan, and speed demon. Go as fast as you can while you score points and earn Tokens!

It’s simple and fun to play. Overtake as many cars as possible while you race for the win! Steer left and right using the arrows on your keyboard. And collect Nitro boosts for extra speed!

If you’re all about speed, and if you play Sprint Club Nitro I think you are, then you’ll want to follow two rules: Don’t Bump Into Other Cars and Stay On The Road. You need to keep your acceleration maxed if you have any hope of navigating to the top, and each time you bump into a car and drift off course it’ll slow you down!

Sounds simple enough, but there are three different landscapes for you to travel through on your way to victory, and each one you unlock is tougher than the last!

As you go from the mountain views of the Forest, through the bright lights of the City’s skyline, and into the barren Desert, the track will get tighter and tighter, meaning your ability to weave through traffic will get harder and harder.

There are 20 other cars on each track for you to pass. The more cars you pass, the more points you score, and the more Tokens you earn! Keep playing to see if you can get to 1st place!

And while you’re there, check out our other Token Games! If you like to play Sprint Club Nitro, then you’ll also like our other Strategy Games. Whether you like Card Games, Matching Games, or Word Games, we have something for every kind of gamer. We even have a Minute Mania category for those who only have a minute to play.

Plus, after you’ve played 10 games, you’ll unlock a shot to instantly win $500!

What’s your need for speed? Whatever it is, you’ll satisfy it when you play Sprint Club Nitro for free. Check it out now!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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