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Recap Of VIP Private Access Week Winners!

WOW! VIP Private Access Week just passed and there were so many prize wins all week! Yep, what a great event it was. Many of our PCH VIPs and PCH VIP Elites took home thousands and thousands of dollars in prizes! These winners were offered exclusive entry opportunities because of their incredible PCH loyalty, and many of them won! Yes, what a truly incredible week it was for our winners! There were so many PCH VIPs and VIP Elites that took home life-changing prizes during our Private Access Week!

Take a look at the list below and congratulate all of our winners!

Yes, there were SO many winners during this event and they all won because they were VIPs! Add this to the list of reasons that YOU should become a VIP or VIP Elite! Already a VIP or VIP Elite? Then, great – this is just another reason for YOU to maintain your VIP status!

Now, if you’re not a VIP, you’re probably wondering how you can jump in for next time to get in on the winning. Well, we have the answer for you! Keep playing, keep entering, and keep searching to stay on the road to becoming a PCH VIP and VIP Elite! Yep, this is a great reason to keep entering to win every day  – you’ll ultimately achieve VIP status or even VIP Elite status! Then, once you become a PCH VIP and a PCH VIP Elite, you’ll be able to participate in amazing and fun events, like this one!

Stay in it to win it and you’ll keep receiving access to incredible prize events, like VIP Private Access Week! And don’t miss out on even more ways that you could win big at PCH! Visit us on the blog every day to find out about PCH opportunities on all of our many websites, apps, and more! See you out there!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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