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Just Who Will Be Our Big PCH Winner Today? Follow The Clues!

Today, April 27th, is one very special day! I’m sure most of you know why! Today, one very fortunate individual will join the PCH Winners Circle as the recipient of a life-changing $1 Million SuperPrize! WOW!

We are SO excited because the Prize Patrol is on the road as we speak, adventuring to the winner’s home – wherever that might be! The winner has NO idea that they will be winning a $1 Million SuperPrize – and the best part is, that person could be YOU! We can’t wait to deliver a life-changing prize to someone who, I’m sure, really deserves it!

We wanted to keep you, the fantastic fans, on your toes today…and so as a common part of prize day, we are going to be giving you exclusive hints and clues right here on the blog! That’s right, as the day goes on, you should be checking back here and seeing if a new clue was posted! We’ll then announce the winner later in the day! Without further hesitation, here are the clues for today’s winner!

12:00 AM – The winner’s state is 3 or more syllables

9:00 AM – The Prize Patrol is taking a plane to get to the winner’s state

10:00 AM – The winner’s state begins with a consonant

WE HAVE OUR WINNER! Let’s hear it for our newest addition to the PCH Winner’s Circle! Paula Sullivan from Winter Haven, FL just won a $1 Million SuperPrize! Paula was overcome with emotion when the Prize Patrol came to her door with a $1 Million Big Check! She plays and enters every day and is a huge PCH fan! We are ecstatic to make yet another PCH fan’s dream come true! Don’t get down if you weren’t today’s winner, though! We have winners constantly at PCH and you can enter for your chance to win the next SuperPrize RIGHT NOW!

Good luck to you all!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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  1. Hello Danielle, this is Valerie W$$$$ $$$$ I am in it to win it I’m in it to win it and I’m not leaving without it because I’ve got to get to where I’m going Valerie W$$$$ SuperPrize sweepstakes winner million dollar baby! The million Dollar baby I am a winner I was born a winner I’m claiming it all. Remember to always smile no matter what My New job Is PCH Plus. God Speed. Go Girl isn’t giving Up yet.

  2. The pch management they know me and what happen last 2018 april 27 / 7k week for life and nobody talk to me regarding of this matters…

    1. Hello Eduardo, thank you for contacting PCH. In order for us to assist you with your question we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask that you contact us by phone at your convenience. Our customer service representatives may be reached at between Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 11 PM & Saturday 8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. We look forward to hearing from you.