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Spring Into Outside Activities With PCHSearch&Win

It’s finally feeling like spring here at PCH headquarters and I couldn’t be more excited! I love the feeling of those first few warm days, especially after what seems like an endless winter. Spring is also the perfect time to get moving and indulge in some fun outdoor activities with friends and family. So, what is your plan to enjoy the great outdoors? If you’re stuck for ideas, then I have some great news! You can find all the ideas you need in just a few clicks with the help of PCHSearch&Win!

Take a Long Bike Ride Around Your Neighborhood

Ever notice how much more you see when you walk or bike somewhere (even if it’s a familiar route) than you do when you drive? Well, I experienced that not too long ago when my husband and I bought brand new mountain bikes. I’ve wanted a bike for some time now, but prior to purchasing our home we lived in an apartment with no garage or shed to store any outdoor equipment in!

We jumped right on to PCHSearch&Win and started searching for the perfect bicycles. After a few minutes of searching we found a big sale going on at a store near us and headed right over. They even had them in different colors! I was super excited to get them home and to start riding!

Our first ride was fantastic. We’ve been in our current neighborhood about 2 years now and It was amazing to find streets, bike paths and other things we never knew existed. Take some time this spring and take a bike ride around your town. Even if you’ve lived in your town your entire life there’s always something new to be found.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors With Your Furry Friends!

If I had to pick, PCH fans, this would be my all-time FAVORITE outdoor activity! Springtime for me means plenty of playing and running around with my two highly energetic dogs. They love nothing more than to be outside playing fetch or chasing each other around.

Even though we have a great yard for them to get all their energy out in, we sometimes like to take them for long walks or to a local dog park. I must say fans, PCHSearch&Win comes in pretty handy when we want to find a new dog-friendly park or activity. We’ve found some really fun places that we can enjoy with our furry pals!

These are only some of the ways that you can get out and enjoy some sunshine and warm temperatures! There’s so much more left to find on PCHSearch&Win. Oh, and don’t forget that with your first search of the day you’re automatically entered into the FABULOUS PCH sweepstakes and you have the chance to WIN INSTANTLY some pretty amazing prizes. What could be better than that?

Happy Spring!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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