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Win $35,000 In Our Kitchen Sweepstakes!

There’s so much to worry about in the kitchen. No matter how well organized and clean you keep it, there’s always the risk of something breaking down. But if you win our PCH Kitchen Sweepstakes, you’ll win $35,000 to update your kitchen!

Go ahead — take a look into your kitchen now. Can you find something that needs to be repaired? What about something that you’d want to be replace? Maybe you have a leaky faucet, maybe a fridge that sounds about ready to explode, or maybe your table has seen better days.

Whatever you manage to find, it could be a worry of the past with our Kitchen Sweepstakes!

Before you start pouring money away for renovations, you should head to PCH. With just a few clicks, you could win $35,000 in our Kitchen Sweepstakes! With all that money, you could turn your kitchen into the best room of the house.

You can always find DIY projects to improve other areas of your home, but the kitchen is one of the places you should leave to the experts. Anything you choose in the kitchen to update could become expensive. But PCH is here to help!

Win cash in this sweepstakes, and you could update your counters, your cabinets, your appliances — whatever you want!

Not only could you win $35 Thousand in our kitchen sweepstakes, but also you can get in to win some of our other incredible sweepstakes opportunities! What contests will you choose to enter?

Don’t spend any more time with temporary fixes! It’s time for an upgrade. So get ready, get determined, and get going to PCH to enter to win thirty five thousand dollars in our kitchen sweepstakes!

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