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Play Free Mahjongg Minute At PCH!

It’s Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with pizza and watching episodes of television shows. And guess what?! I have a fun activity for you for this weekend (and every day, really): Mahjongg Minute at PCHgames gives you the opportunity to play free Mahjongg AND play to enter to become a PCH winner!

Go ahead and play today! You can play free Mahjongg Minute as often as you’d like; anytime, anywhere on desktop and mobile! Plus, if you’ve found classic Mahjonng games to be a bit tame for your taste, start playing this tile-matching game with a fast-paced twist! Don’t miss out, go today and see how many matches you can find in a single minute as you race against the clock – you’ll be able to test your memory and see if you can clear the board before time runs out! This is one of the toughest minute games around … are you up for the challenge? Start playing and you could even see your name on our all-time top scorers list and even win a daily prize!

Here’s a cool tip and trick to keep in mind today and everyday: Play free Mahjongg Minute and you’ll get in to win amazing prizes! In fact, playing any and all of the games at could lead to a prize win! That’s why we advise fans like you to stay in it to win it — there are so many great ways that you could become a PCH winner!

Why not take a Mahjongg Minute this Monday?! Play free Mahjongg over at PCH! There’s no better time than NOW to start playing awesome action-packed games AND to get in to win amazing prizes by doing so!! Get out there, have fun, and grab exciting opportunities to become a PCH winner! Go, go, GO!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative


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  1. I am 80 years old and am handicapped 100 percent, and am living on social security. I would like to win here on PCH so I could have enough money to pay my bills and utilities and groceries. I see others winning and am hoping and praying to win the December 27th jackpot.

    1. I’m also the same I’ve became disabled after getting off work November 15, 2017. I’d love to win from PCH on December 27th. I never even received the settlement from the girl who totalled my car and made me become disabled. I’ve had to relocate with my daughter. I am now living on social security. An that’s hard when what I get a month used to make that or more every two weeks. I thank God everyday for saving me and blessing me with such a wonderful daughter. They have said I’ve won where I used to live just have never seen anyone.

  2. I truly love playing Mahjong minute, it’s a fun game, after you get used to playing it, myself have been playing them games almost constantly, for over 15 years, but still play it daily.