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Winning Publishers Clearing House Is the American Dream!

When our Founding Fathers established this great nation, they did it so that all Americans could have “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  This is the foundation of the American Dream, and it’s something that can truly unite Americans of all backgrounds! And as one of our commenters on the blog pointed out, winning Publishers Clearing House certainly fits the bill—it’s the American Dream!


I’ve spoken with many past winners,  and the one thing they all talk about is how exciting it is to see the Prize Patrol show up at their door. Can you imagine how fast their hearts must have been racing when they saw the Prize Patrol standing there with that Big Check? The thrill of the experience is like none other, and it would really make a person feel more alive than ever!

When our country was founded, I have to imagine that what I just described is one of those “Life” moments written in the famous statement from the Declaration of Independence. Those times where you take a deep breath and you say to yourself, “wow, this is truly LIVING!” Every breath you take after winning Publishers Clearing House would certainly be that!


What is liberty? I like to think it means going where you want whenever you want to, with no restrictions. Of course, it’s hard for most of us to ever feel truly this free, because it takes money in the bank to be able to go wherever you want. But what if you won a SuperPrize? That changes the equation!

I think about our winner LeRoy Faulks, who’s windfall allows him to take vacations with his wife (several times a year!) whenever he feels like it. He also has the freedom to donate to charitable causes and volunteer at soup kitchens. Imagine knowing you have the time and resources to really make a difference like that!

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The other thing mentioned is “the pursuit of happiness.” They say that “money can’t buy happiness,” and I’m sure that’s true. However, it sure can make life a lot easier! Winning Publishers Clearing House, winning the huge SuperPrize, means knowing that many of the stresses and burdens of life will melt away. For some, it means not worrying about the mortgage anymore. For others, it means the medical bills that have piled up that can now finally disappear.

No matter your own circumstance, being a SuperPrize winner allows you to clear away the stresses of life and finally pursue what really makes you happy.

Is it enjoying a cup a of coffee on your porch in your brand-new home? Traveling the world with just a backpack? Or maybe you’re not sure what it is? Then now you have time to finally find it!

Are you a hard-working American? Are you trying to get ahead, in pursuit of the American Dream? Then I encourage you to make winning Publishers Clearing House one of your goals. Enter as often as you can. It’s free to enter, it’s free to play. You never know when your American Dream could finally turn into an American Reality!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – What is the type of happiness you’d like to pursue in life? If you won from PCH, what would you finally have time and money to do? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. PCH you guys are like my biggest America dream to me!! Winning a big beautiful dream home and 15,000 prize patrol 7, 5000 a week for life that will be such a big blessing for me and my kids oh wow I can’t wait for that day to come so please come to my door and visit me please!! We love you Publishers Clearing House!! I’ll be waiting for you!

  2. Thank you for taking the liberty an making me feel like a winner, words of Thanks to your team.
    An yes I await the PCH white van just like my Grandma Mae who today I enter her #s an that makes me a winner even if Im not.
    Freeburg, Hope to see you soon..,

  3. We wish to win the $15 Million life prize to buy our grandparents homestead farm to provide food and jobs for people who are suffering during these hard time. GOD WILLING. Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize for the benefit of many, Pete & Jan?