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Delicious Recipes To Get Your Summer Started Off Right!

I am SUPER excited today, fans. Can anyone guess why? Well, if you didn’t already know, today is the first official day of summer and it’s my favorite season of the year. I love the long, sunshine-filled days, the warm sun and yes, even those brutal 90+ degree days! Of course, with a new season that means it’s time to check out some brand new (and pretty tasty) recipes to get your summer started off right!

Summertime for me starts to get insanely busy! I’m always running from the office to a workout class, family/friend gathering, running errands and the list goes on and on. Since I am always so busy I find it harder and harder to snag good recipes that are delicious, fast and don’t involve me eating the same food over and over again. That is, of course, until I logged onto PCHSearch&Win and found dozens of tasty summer recipes!

Since half of my battle this time of year is having time to cook, I made sure to search for recipes with quick prep and cook times. After some searching, two recipes in particular caught my eye! The first one was perfect for a quick weeknight dinner and uses one of my favorite ingredients – ground chicken!

This tasty skillet recipe used only a few ingredients – ground chicken, sliced yellow squash, sliced green zucchini, diced red pepper and some spices. The prep work was super-quick and only took about 15 minutes to get everything ready. I browned the ground chicken in a large skillet with some olive oil, threw in the vegetables and added my spices. I cooked it just long enough for the vegetables to be a little crunchy. It only took about 25 minutes and I had a full, delicious dinner to sit down and indulge in.

So, aside from the taste, that recipe made enough for me to have dinner that night, plus three servings leftover! It was perfect and gave me a few nights free of having to worry about preparing meals. Of course, the leftovers ran out after a few days and it was time for another new recipe. I once again turned to PCHSearch&Win, but this time in search of a light pasta-based recipe.

After searching a few minutes, I found a delicious dish that used chopped spinach and sun-dried tomato. After prepping my first few ingredients, I cooked and drained my pasta and threw it all together with some olive oil and crushed red pepper flakes. This was the perfect light, but filling, dish for a summertime dinner. It was even delicious as a cold salad the next day for lunch!

I have to say that no matter what I am in the mood to cook up, PCHSearch&Win has always come to my rescue!  It’s fast, dependable and, of course, provides you with an automatic entry upon your first search of the day after you log in!

So, what are some of your favorite recipes? Tell us in the comments below!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative


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