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Meet Erica, Our Inside PCH Spin Doctor!

Meet our amazing Spin Doctor, Erica! She has one of the coolest jobs around! Every Monday on our Facebook fan page, Erica gets to tell PCH fans – like you – about the fantastic ways you could win bonus prizes on our live show, Inside PCH! Yep, every week on Inside PCH, Erica announces a $1,000.00 winner… then, she spins … spins … SPINS our fabulous prize wheel until it lands onto a BONUS PRIZE for that winner! It all happens every Monday at 2pm EST—and winning could happen to YOU as long as you enter!

I recently sat down with Erica to learn more about being a Spin Doctor on Inside PCH! We had a fun time discussing what she enjoys best about her role, why people should tune in to the show, and more! Read our awesome conversation right here, right now!

What Do You Like Best About Your Role as PCH’s Spin Doctor?

Being a part of a show that awards real prizes to real people in real time is so exciting! We have a $1,000.00 winner every week, and I get to spin a wheel and add a bonus prize to that already great cash prize… it’s rewarding to be able to do that! Making someone’s day is a great way to start the week!

Why Should People Tune In To Inside PCH?

You get to come have an inside look at what we do at Publishers Clearing House! It’s an exciting moment for people to tune in in real time and get chances to win live. We have opportunities to win; you can enter in advance for the $1,000.00 weekly cash prize, or you can watch and possibly win just from one of the giveaways we run during the show. So, it’s 15 minutes out of your day to get opportunities to win!

What’s Your Favorite Spot On The Wheel?

Any spot on the wheel that is a bonus prize – I  just think “a bonus on top of a bonus… what could be better?!”

Anything You’d Like To Say To PCH/Inside PCH Fans?

It truly is all about our fans. We’re here making winners and making people’s dreams come true live every Monday. We love our fans so much, and so we really just want to bring a rewarding winning experience to them!

Thanks, Erica! PCH is all about prize wins, and we’ll always provide great ways for PCH fans like you to stay in it to win it. So, be sure to tune into Inside PCH every Monday on our Facebook fan page at 2pm EST and you could become a PCH winner! See you there!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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